Deemed less dangerous than a bullet, the Loire-Atlantique Federation wants the return of buckshot

The use of buckshot was banned in hunting for years but the evolution of safety rules means that this ammunition is gradually finding its place in certain departments. In Loire-Atlantique, the Hunters’ Federation also wants the return of buckshot in their department.

Driven buckshot considered less dangerous than a bullet.

In Loire-Atlantique, the use of buckshot could again be authorized in the future at the request of the Hunters’ Federation.

For several years, the department’s hunters would like to be able, like others, to use this ammunition, which is considered less dangerous than a bullet and which gives good results if used correctly.

Hunting safety procedures have evolved significantly since buckshot was banned in the 1980s. Today, its use is limited to driven shooting at less than 15 meters. This short firing distance ensures that the animal will not just be injured by a few projectiles while limiting the possibility of a ricochet.

Questioned by Ouest-France, Denis Dabo explains that this decision would be a good thing:

“We ask it first of all for safety reasons, buckshot is less dangerous than a bullet: it can kill up to 150 m while the range of a bullet can go up to 2000 m! »

Buckshot is not unanimous.

It’s difficult to get all hunters to agree regardless of the subject discussed, but when it comes to buckshot, the debate is always divisive.

Some aspire to be able to use this ammunition, the use of which is certainly justified in certain biotopes. For some time now, the use of buckshot has been authorized in Landes or Corsica and the results seem rather promising.

However, others completely refuse the return of buckshot, considered too dangerous and too prone to ricochets. For the detractors of this ammunition, even if the safety rules are respected, they are impossible to trust these projectiles and prefer to fire a bullet that they will be certain of knowing where it will be placed.

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The question of the effectiveness of buckshot on wild boar is also debated, hunters believe that the risk of injuring an animal is too great compared to a shot made with a bullet, although the use of buckshot is popular at short distance.

There is no doubt that buckshot has not finished making headlines in the departments that want its return, but given the proliferation of wild boars, perhaps one day this measure will be applied at the national level.



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