Madame Plante, meet us in Montreal | The Montreal Journal

Madame Plante, meet us in Montreal | The Montreal Journal
Madame Plante, meet us in Montreal | The Montreal Journal

Not the city that you and your administration decided to impose on us.

I’m talking about the lively, teeming, creative, bustling, bohemian, poetic and somewhat messy Montreal that we knew.

This Montreal is fading

Since this administration subject to a certain ideology decides what is good for citizens.

Decide to give them back what they never lost.

To give them what they never asked for.

Montreal was doing pretty well

It was quite clean, there was a relatively peaceful social climate and atmosphere.

We felt safe on the metro.

You could still find decent accommodation there at a good price.

On sunny days, it was good to invade its crowded shopping streets to stroll, shop, linger on the terraces…

It was easy to drive from one neighborhood to another.

Yes, it has already been possible!

There was certainly a lack of cycle lanes.

They are necessary and welcome. I am the first to visit them.

But can we make room for cycling without destroying the city and dividing citizens?

Plante-city is ugly

Apart from a few islets, beauty is rare…

Dirty, potholed, sometimes gutted streets.

Shop windows boarded up and covered with tags.

City center impassable.

Construction sites, works, closures, detours…

Metro has become dangerous.

Poorly laid out “pedestrian” streets, open to everything that moves…slowly?

The village? Chinatown? A desolation where dirt, violence and drug addiction reign.

The Camillien-Houde route will soon be closed to satisfy a clique who want to “give us back the mountain”.

Had it been stolen from us?

Chemin Olmsted remains completely passable on foot and by bike!

Our tax money swallowed up in this project could be invested in better, more urgent ways.

Municipalities: a strong trend

Entangling management in dogma and ideology.

We must free Montreal!



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