Senelec-Akilée contract: the serious offenses retained by Ofnac in this affair of 187 billion CFA francs

The National Office for the Fight against Fraud and Corruption (Ofnac) has published its 2023 report. These include 12 files which were finalized by Serigne Bassirou Guèye and her team. But the latter did not provide some elements of the investigations which will have to be examined by the assembly. Among these files is the 187 billion Cfa contract signed between the National Electricity Company (Senelec) and its partner Akilee and which has sparked a lot of controversy. Ofnac, which handled this case, concluded that there were “fraud and attempted fraud involving public funds; embezzlement of public funds and complicity; de facto and complicity accountant; violation of the provisions of the Public Procurement Code; and tax fraud. However, the report specifies “that unlike previous years, this activity report has refrained from publishing the summaries of the investigation reports which have not been the subject of a definitive deliberation on the part of the Ofnac Assembly.

This decision, indicates the document, follows a deliberation of the said assembly dated December 6, 2023 by which the members of OFNAC considered that no investigation report should be published in the annual activity report. it has not previously been the subject of a definitive deliberation. “Consequently, we continue, the following summaries concern the cases on which the Assembly of Members has ruled and taken a decision to transmit to the public prosecutor or to close without further action. Thus, the other investigation reports mentioned in the document and the extracts of which are not published herein, are pending examination by the Assembly of Members,” underlines the report.

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