An open source self-registration tool integrated with

An open source self-registration tool integrated with
An open source self-registration tool integrated with

The Mirantis subsidiary announces the launch of a new self-registration tool allowing companies to access, configure and explore the open Source application hosting and distribution platform.

For developers, self-registration announced this week by « radically changes the situation », Estimates Franz Karlsberger, CEO of “ It allows us to provide our customers with unprecedented access and flexibility, which is essential to encourage creativity and innovation despite the frenetic pace that characterizes today’s digital world.. »

What are we talking about ?, acquired by Mirantis in 2022, publishes a ZeroOps open Source application delivery platform which relieves developers of the deployment of applications in the Cloud as well as migration and exploitation operations. The company is the creator of the open Source project Lagoon, an application distribution platform available on GitHub under the Apache 2.0 license.

What’s new ?

The new self-registration tool has several advantages. The process limits the waiting times previously inherent to manual account creation. Businesses can launch projects within minutes who follow their registration.

When registering, a sandbox environment is allocated to each company, regardless of its size. This allows teams to put their ideas into practice by testing them in a secure, isolated environment without disrupting their existing operations or compromising the integrity of their data.

By simplifying the registration process, companies can take advantage of the platform’s features more quickly: between their initial interest in it and the actual deployment and use of it, the gap tightens. This speed of deployment is crucial to maintaining a competitive advantage in rapidly changing markets.. »

To find out more, go to the publisher’s website.

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