What to do in Rennes this weekend from May 3 to May 5, 2024?

What to do in Rennes this weekend from May 3 to May 5, 2024?
What to do in Rennes this weekend from May 3 to May 5, 2024?

Going out in Rennes on Friday May 3

Workshop – “Let’s speak English” workshop

Speak and exchange in English based on themes chosen together, for friendly and simple conversations.

Workshop – “Digital meeting” workshop

Help each other get started in digital, understand social networks, discover the library’s digital resources, download an application.

Workshop – Workshop “Ven a charlar espanol con nosotros”

Come share with us in Spanish, for fun, to learn, to transmit and to practice together.

Workshop – Workshop “Wir sprechen deutsch”

You are curious, you speak German, this meeting is open to all

The leisure agenda

Festivals, exhibitions, visits, conferences, …

Going out in Rennes on Saturday May 4

“Art in freedom” workshop

Explore and play with colors, materials, shapes to share your creative tips.

“English Scrabble” workshop

Speaking English while playing Scrabble

Exhibition: “Leather, a material on the surface of the skin”

Leather does not only find its way into our wardrobes, it permeates our daily lives, cultures and collective imaginations, constituting an important part of our history. Over the 5 parts that mark its journey, this exhibition allows you to see, hear, smell, touch the material and discover the associated know-how but also to feel and relive an era, a city and a little-known history.

Exhibition “The Dream of a Dreamless Night”

First personal exhibition by Ali Cherri, Lebanese artist living in Paris. He presents a new video work entitled The Watchman (2023) as well as a series of original sculptures and drawings, specially produced for the exhibition, which relate to the symbolic elements and characters of the film, as well as the geographical landscape and culture of Cyprus…

Going out in Rennes on Sunday May 5

Exhibition “This song is for… Vol.1”

Open to all. Immersive and interactive work, sound version of a previous video installation titled “This song is for…” and for which Gabrielle Goliath won the Standard Bank Young Artist prize in 2019. The artist revisits the form of the dedication song, in collaboration with a group of women victims of rape and a musical ensemble.

Exhibition project in Brittany

The Atipies association is launching a photo exhibition project across Brittany. We are looking for talents from people with disabilities for our exhibition “HanDIfenn, singularities are exposed”. Talents in the making or more confirmed achievements: dance, music, painting, drawing, sports, street art… Every talent counts! To obtain more information, contact by email or on the association’s website.

Coypel Exhibition – Painter to the King

The Rennes Museum of Fine Arts and the National Museum of the Châteaux of Versailles and Trianon are jointly organizing the first retrospective exhibition dedicated to the painter Noël Coypel (1628-1707). Founder of a dynasty of artists, he led an exemplary career during the reign of Louis XIV, participating in all the most prestigious projects of his time, including that of the decor of the Grand’Chamber of the Parliament of Brittany.

The Howling West, festival of imaginative cultures

L’Ouest Hurlant is the literary festival of Rennes’ imagination for the general public. It highlights the cultures of the imagination, which include science fiction, fantasy and the fantastic. The program includes round tables, shows, fun activities, audiovisual projections, master classes, Twitch stage, as well as a bookstore offering signing sessions, publisher and craft stands.

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