Orange internet boxes are cutting prices, fiber from €19.99!

Orange internet boxes remain very popular, even if they are not always the most affordable. What may seem like an obstacle is no longer one with the new range of inexpensive boxes. Two really affordable offers are available, the cheapest of which starts at €19.99 per month. With these plans, even limited budgets can have access to a fast connection. What are the limits of these promotional boxes? This is what this article attempts to bring to light.

The cheapest Orange internet boxes: two offers for less than €25

All Orange internet boxes include connection to the internet service provider’s fiber network. From this point of view, the value of the subscription therefore does not matter, since all customers are treated with the same respect. The only condition is that the network is available close to home. To do this, simply carry out an eligibility test when subscribing, indicating your address.

The essentials for optical fiber with the Just Livebox series

If you are eligible for optical fiber, then you can subscribe to Orange’s new inexpensive box. The Just Livebox series starts at €19.99 per month. This price remains valid during 6 months, after that it increases to €33.99 monthly. This therefore remains reasonable for a good quality very high speed connection. In exchange, subscribers make a one-year commitment.

Optical fiber and telephony in the cheap Orange box.

The major advantage of this Orange internet box is its speed. Although it is the cheapest with this internet operator, it is not the slowest on the market. With fiber and an Ethernet connection, a single device can reach up to 400 Mbpsboth in reception and sending.

Fiber optic internet box.


Customers are equipped with the Livebox 5. This notably offers a smart WiFi 5 management, so even wireless connections are efficient. In addition, thanks to the Orange et moi application, subscribers can manage their offer, schedule Livebox standby, change the WiFi password, and find their invoices. So, thanks to their smartphone, nothing escapes them.

With its connection, the Orange internet box also provides landline telephony. When subscribers plug in their handset (it is not supplied with the promotional box), they can call other landlines unlimited. This is valid for France (DOM included), as well as around a hundred foreign countries. On the other hand, this formula offers nothing for television, which is its main limitation.

The major information on this inexpensive box:

  • reduced price over 6 months;
  • fiber connection included;
  • Livebox 5;
  • up to 400 Mb/s theoretical speed;
  • unlimited calls to 100 destinations.
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TV decoder, 140 channels and more speed in another inexpensive box

In order to enjoy television with your internet box, you must turn to the Livebox Fiber. This offer is also a little faster, and therefore a little more expensive. However, his entry price at €24.99/month remains interesting. It also remains valid for 6 months, then customers pay €42.99 monthly. The commitment remains for 12 months.

Orange Just Livebox internet box

For €5 more, this promotional box adds TV and more speed.

Concretely, the hardware remains the same for this Orange internet box. It is therefore the Livebox 5 which ensures the connections, except that it raises its speed ceiling a little. As a result, subscribers can expect 500 Mb/s in download And upload, in optimal conditions. If connections are not working, it may be an Orange DNS issue.

Fiber optic internet box.


As for television, the inexpensive box adds the essential element. A decoder, and it’s not cheap hardware: here, the device can display programs in up to 4K HDR. Subscribers can install apps like Netflix and Disney+, or even add additional TV packages. The decoder requires €40 activation fees.

That said, the promotional box already offers up to 140 channels by default. So this is enough for many viewers. Not to mention that some of them are available on demand and in replay. It is also possible to take advantage of the Alexa voice assistant via the remote control.

What this Orange internet box brings in addition:

  • more speed, with up to 500 Mb/s;
  • a 4K HDR TV decoder;
  • up to 140 channels.
Orange's replay service for liveboxes

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