Gilles d’Ettore affair: diving into the marriage of Sophia, the clairvoyant of the mayor of Agde, requested by the “voice” from beyond

Gilles d’Ettore affair: diving into the marriage of Sophia, the clairvoyant of the mayor of Agde, requested by the “voice” from beyond
Gilles d’Ettore affair: diving into the marriage of Sophia, the clairvoyant of the mayor of Agde, requested by the “voice” from beyond

At the end of August 2023, the medium Sophia Martinez got married in a sumptuous estate in Hérault, festivities largely organized by the mayor of Agde Gilles d’Ettore, convinced that she was the messenger of the archangel Michel with whom he thought he was conversing. The wedding would have cost €80,000. Justice is interested in its financing.

In the incredible affair of Gilles d’Ettore and his clairvoyant Sophia Martinez, still in pre-trial detention since their arrest on March 19, an episode tells a lot about the close relationship between the mayor of Agde and the medium he considered “like his daughter”, he declared in police custody. And which always interests the judicial police, for its hidden financial arrangement.

That of the wedding estimated at 80,000 euros of this mother of six children with her new husband, Eric Martinez, in a sumptuous estate, near Béziers. In the images, on this beautiful day of Saturday August 26, 2023, the chosen one is radiant in a white shirt, cornflower jacket, white rose in the buttonhole.

The mayor and the clairvoyant arm in arm towards the altar

He walks towards the castle, arm in arm with Sophia, in her immaculate dress, the floral headband covering her face but not masking her look of satisfaction, to the applause of the guests.

The orchestra plays “Oh Happy day”this gospel inspired by the Bible and covered by Aretah Franklin, and the duo traces its path towards the altar for the blessing of the rings in a decorum that takes on its full meaning today: two imposing semi-circles made with hundreds of roses white and representing the wings of the Archangel Michael.

The famous saint at the origin of the manipulation admitted to the police by Sophia Martinez. Through a gift of ventriloquism, she had created the character of the “voice”, who called himself “Papa” or “the angel” and claimed to his interlocutors, by telephone and private number, to come from the beyond and be the archangel Michael.

With a hoarse intonation, “Papa” gave advice, reassured, accompanied… And did not forget to say that he had chosen Sophia to represent him and that he had to take care of her and take care of her as best as possible. .

The medium, through a learned approach to the psychological flaws of her clientele, made this apparently crude stratagem prosper with the mayor, imbued with spirituality since the disappearance of his father, to the point of making him addicted to the “voice” : the police counted 3,375 telephone conversations between Gilles d’Ettore and Sophia Martinez in 2023, or almost ten daily.

Moreover, at one point during the wedding ceremony, all the faithful thank “Papa”, in a kind of trance. “Gilles d’Ettore had tears in his eyes” reports a witness to the scene.

“When you see so much money… Gilles loved Dad so much”

“When you see so much money, there is an inner enjoyment, it drifted when Gilles started to spoil me, before, we didn’t have the madness of grandeur… I entered a world of glitter and seeming , it was restaurants, trips, I lost control… Gilles loved Dad so much” explained Sophia Martinez in police custody. Quite a social revenge for this child of Dass, whose youth has been chaotic since her native Alsace.

So, in the middle of the veranda that she is having built, hires recommended by the “voice” – her husband and her eldest daughter at the town hall, a friend at the tennis club, a relative at the naturist village – regular transport of her children to their school in the Gard by the mayor’s driver, what could be more logical than a princess’s wedding? Even if it means inviting without counting.

“I only did one session with Sophia, she invited me to her wedding”

“I only did one medium session with her and in the end she invited me to her wedding, but I wasn’t available” reports for example this Héraultaise, very satisfied with Sophia’s supposed divinatory gifts. Another client, furious at having been fooled, reported the same invitation after three meetings, declined again.

No matter, nearly 350 guests attended, including some of the elite of regional real estate development and other entrepreneurs gravitating around the mayor.

To achieve this, the “voice” went out of its way to remind Gilles d’Ettore that she deserved a beautiful marriage, but not only that: the other “chosen ones”, namely those who were lucky enough to be called by the The archangel Michael, and who called themselves “family” among themselves, were requested. And they struggled to find solutions and donors.

28,000 euros for catering, a magnificent wedding cake

Because we had to pay the €28,000 caterer to offer “a great lunch brunch” reports a participant, then, in the evening, the garnished salad, the beef steak, mash, carrots before the farandole of cheese and the magnificent wedding cake. Four companies were involved.

But also rent, in cash, the castle for around 8,000 euros, or even pay for the personalized photographer for the guests, the group or even the DJ who celebrated the party, electrifying the evening with the raï hit Alaoui of the Barbès National Orchestra. Wedding rings would have been offered.

As for the honeymoon in Tahiti, “it was financed by donations during the wedding” assures someone close to the clairvoyant.

Honeymoon in Tahiti

It remains, in this open-ended investigation, to know what share of public money or not made it possible to finance these feasts. The police suspect two client companies of the municipality of Agde, one specializing in public works, the other in electrical installation, of having served as a front company, then remunerated with invoices honored by the finances of the City. The mayor has always contested the embezzlement and those close to him speak of donations and arrangements for services rendered.

It also remains to be determined whether, in fact, municipal employees would have had the mission of carrying out the installation and decoration work of the wedding during their working time.



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