Karkwa at the Quebec Summer Festival: fabulous rock storm after the storm

Karkwa at the Quebec Summer Festival: fabulous rock storm after the storm
Karkwa at the Quebec Summer Festival: fabulous rock storm after the storm

An evacuation, a storm and then a disaster recall on the Plains of Abraham at 10 p.m.: an obstacle course set the stage for a fabulous rock concert to which Karkwa had invited several friends, Tuesday evening, at the Summer Festival.

Faced with adversity, the guys from Karkwa put on their boxing gloves. Even though there were ultimately only a few thousand faithful gathered near the stage, the quintet played as if they had the Cowboys Fringants crowd in front of them.

The opening was powerful. After DJ CRi, who set the stage with his electronic beats, Louis-Jean Cormier and his band launched the hostilities with a furious instrumental segment swept by stunning light shows, which proved to be a good indication of what was to come.

As promised, Talk then visited Karkwa to sing a few lines of Perfect on screenfirst extract from In the secondthe album of the big comeback after 12 years of absence.

Talk and Louis-Jean Cormier.


“Russian mountains”

“What a roller coaster these last two hours have been,” Louis-Jean Cormier later confided, warning the audience to enjoy every second of this carte blanche show because it was a final performance in Quebec and on the Plains.

In a storm of biting guitars, soaring keyboards and incisive percussion, the group then navigated through its two eras of life, alternating between tracks from its latest album and a selection of pieces from the records The tremors stop, The glass paths et Wind volume.

The communion of the voices of Louis-Jean Cormier and Klô Pelgag on Me-light was one of the highlights of the first part of the concert, also marked by an inspired version ofDo not forgetwith Marie-Pierre Arthur, partner of keyboardist François Lafontaine and therefore member of the large Karkwa family.

Used sporadically as luxury backing singers, the girls from the Acadian trio Les Hay Babies provided beautiful vocal depth, particularly in the very beautiful sequence Glass paths/Sleeping during the day.

All ready for each other

Louis-Jean Cormier was right to say that we had before us the best vintage of Karkwa, which makes it even more unfortunate that its members intend to put the group back into dormancy at the end of this tour.

In what might have seemed like a way to counterbalance the immense audience of the Plaines, the members of Karkwa played very close to each other, at the center of the stage, as if they were in a small concert hall.

On the screens, kaleidoscopic projections were combined with the rock enthusiasm of the group which, pressed for time, had to drop some of the songs that were on the programme.

Karkwa on the Plains of Abraham


After quick negotiations because there were only two minutes left on the clock, Karkwa concluded strongly, with all his guests, to the tune ofEscape the fate. It was the end of the farewell to the Plains.

But was it a farewell? “See you one of these days, who knows?” were the last words of Louis-Jean Cormier, before everyone left with a long ovation.

The list of songs

1. Opening (CRi)

2. Perfect on screen (with Talk)

3. The arsonist

4. Point blank


6.Me-light (with Klô Pelgag)

7. In the second (with Les Hay Babies)

8.New Wave (with Les Hay Babies)

9. Don’t forget (with Marie-Pierre Arthur)

10.Marie you cry (with Marie-Pierre Arthur and Les Hay Babies)

11. The coup d’état

12. The counter

13. Glass Paths (with Les Hay Babies)

14. Sleeping during the day (with Les Hay Babies)

15. The cold shoulder

16. Escape the spell (everyone)



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