Single and happy, Sabrina Cournoyer opens up about her desire to start a family

It’s already been nine years since Sabrina Cournoyer appeared on our small screen thanks to Hi hello to make us wonderful cultural suggestions. With her good humor and contagious energy, she quickly won the hearts of the Quebec public. On June 3, the host and columnist returned from a trip to Greece that completely transformed her: now, she sees the future with a lightness and letting go that give her wings…

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“At 36, I am very happy with my life as a single woman and I am confident about the rest…”

Are you open to meeting new people?

At 36, I am very happy in my life as a single woman and I am confident about the rest. In the last year, I have had some great encounters that did not last, but that have led me to know myself better and to know what I wanted and what I did not want. I consider that these encounters have given me many tools to help me grow, so there was nothing negative in that. Deep down, maybe I will find love at 40, 45 or even 50, who knows? It will happen when the time is right and when a good person for me crosses my path. Everything I live between now and then is not “in the meantime”; it is my life, I love it and I am enjoying it to the fullest.

One thing is for sure, you seem to be leading a very good life.

I am privileged: my life is well balanced. I have a job that I love, a circle of friends made up of exceptional people, an extraordinary family, and I live with my dog ​​Henri, who I probably love too much! (laughter) Plus, I’m healthy and have boundless energy, so I’m already fulfilled. I couldn’t ask for more.

As you are a well-known personality, do you think that helps or hinders you in meeting good people?

That’s a great question. I would say it hurts me, because in bars, I really don’t get approached by anyone! (laughter) People often come up to me to talk about my work and they are really nice, but that’s about it. I never get approached except when I’m traveling because people don’t know me. At the same time, it’s okay because I’m not looking to “date” in bursts either. And now that I have more confidence in myself, when I like someone, I’ll be confident enough to approach them. That’s very new for me; before, I would have done it, but only after a few drinks! (laughter)

At 36, do you feel any stress about starting a family?

Honestly, I never felt that stress. In my defense, I never felt my biological clock ticking either. I always felt like if I was going to have kids one day, then the opportunity would present itself. And if I didn’t, my life wouldn’t be any less beautiful. I’m already a great aunt to the kids around me, and I don’t need to start a family to feel like I’ve succeeded in life.

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