Furiosa saga, road atmosphere

Furiosa saga, road atmosphere
Furiosa saga, road atmosphere

The film “Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga” by George Miller is released this Wednesday, May 22 in theaters. The perfect opportunity to rev our engines and retrace the furious journey of one of the most beautiful saga of cinema.

Cinema can create myths and the Mad Max saga is gleaming proof of this.

In forty-five years and five films, Australian filmmaker George Miller has continued to reinvent himself, offering the history of cinema a post-apocalyptic legend combining delirious road movie, moral reflection on the collapse of capitalism and ecological fable with feminist overtones.

By what miracle has this saga managed to avoid the pitfall of repetition and write, thanks to mainstream films, one of the richest pages of action cinema?

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Mad Max, beyond radicality co-written by Elise Lépine, published by Playlist Society (2022)

George Miller at Cannes: “With Furiosa, I enjoyed diving deeper into the world we created” (Liberation, 2024)

Mad Max: genesis of a myth

Musical references

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The opening credits: Goca dünya by Altin Gun

End credits: Pingpxng by Yin Yin



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