Montech. Six hundred visitors to the Ludikon 2024 edition

Montech. Six hundred visitors to the Ludikon 2024 edition
Montech. Six hundred visitors to the Ludikon 2024 edition

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These two days dedicated to games saw 600 visitors, children and adults who came to share games dedicated to the “Star Wars” universe.

Organized by the association Les Vagabonds de l’imaginaire, this Ludikon presented all kinds of games which had been placed in rooms on the stationery site, in the toy library, under marquees, by theme.

Thus, in the La Galarià room, we could discover all the games relating to the “Stars Wars” series. Outside, locations for different card games, figurine games; a superb giant chess set also delighted fans of this game.

Participants were able to compete in a laser game outside the media library and others tested their team spirit during an escape game in the cybercafé. The special effects were very present: laser game, lightsaber fencing, escape game with special touches!

When the end credits roll, we pay little attention to the cohort of secondary actors, stagehands, graphic designers or cooks.

This festival is the result of a year of preparation by volunteers from Vagabonds de l’imaginaire, the Montech gaming club. Meetings have often replaced game nights; it was necessary to find the appropriate speakers, develop the activities, set up the play areas, make the pancake batter, organize the teams, so that everyone was at their post when the first images appeared on the screen. A festival is a film shot and transmitted live.

The key events were stormed by festival-goers: children, teenagers and adults. Around thirty laser game sessions, nine escape game sessions, around ten initiations to Jedi fencing, fourteen participants in the murder party on Saturday evening, four games of Sith-Garou sometimes bringing together more than twenty players, six role-playing tables… And behind the game tables, the exhibition windows, the refreshment bar, the raffle, the reception: volunteers, always volunteers! Everyone at their post, rotating every hour and a half, working together to offer the public an unforgettable experience.

The Vagabonds of the Imaginary brought together players from across the department and beyond, traveling the road every week to meet up, on Tuesdays and Friday evenings, in the premises of the game library.

The association warmly thanks the town hall of Montech for providing the enchanting place with the stationery and the necessary infrastructure, to the game library, to the Pose ton pion boutique and to the publishers who supplied the raffle, to the media library which modified its opening hours and organized the screening of “Rogue One, a Star Wars Story” at the opening of the festival, for all the speakers who came to entertain the public.

The catering was entrusted to “Lou Regalou”, a food truck well known for its superburgers!

We’ll see you all next year!



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