This episode is banned from Disney+ for its themes, but it is available for free on YouTube

This episode is banned from Disney+ for its themes, but it is available for free on YouTube
This episode is banned from Disney+ for its themes, but it is available for free on YouTube

Culture news This episode is banned from Disney+ for its themes, but it is available for free on YouTube

Published on 05/06/2024 at 1:20 p.m.

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A controversial episode of the Australian animated series Bluey, which recently enjoyed worldwide success, has finally found a new path. Capable of bringing laughter to tears, Bluey was not always considered suitable for the target audience. We’ll talk with you about what happened, and how to access the episode in question.

Bluey: the children’s series that conquered the world

Designing a series for children is far from being as simple as it seems. There are obviously productions intended for awareness, those more oriented towards humor or those offering action, but producers always walk on a tightrope: what themes to approach, what rhythm, what age to target? So many questions that need to be asked of a public that will have no trouble looking elsewhere if it is not immediately won over. Broadcast in Australia since 2018 and present in the Disney+ catalog since 2021, Bluey is unanimously hailed as a success. Here, it is not a question of superheroes but of a family like any other, embodied by anthropomorphic Australian cattle dogs.

We find Bandit, the father, Chilli, the mother, and their two children, Bluey and Bingo. The whole success of the series consists of tell simple and touching stories, which highlight the imagination, the play and wonder of children. From the medical examination to the shopping to preparing a barbecue, everything reminds us that at one point, every small event could be an adventure. Created by Joe Brumm and already with three seasons, the series manages to address the theme of family, friendship or even childhood difficulties while highlighting the importance of play in personal development and education. Modern, the writing manages to reach audiences around the world, provoking laughter and a few tears.

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An episode unavailable on Disney+ offered to viewers on YouTube

However, a particular episode has never been present in the list of those offered on Disney +. It’s about from the 13th episode of the second season of Bluey, in which Bandit shows his children how to use an old baby carrier. The latter believe that their father is going to have a baby and the latter plays along. Officially broadcast in 2020, this episode has never been made accessible on the video-on-demand platform. Nobody officially knows why, but Polygon believes this is due to the themes covered. Disney thus apparently considered that the representation of pregnancy and childbirth was not suitable for the targeted “preschool” audience, because it was too mature. A damaging choice for subscribers, who cannot enjoy the entire series. Fortunately, the production found a solution.

By going to Bluey’s official YouTube channel, you can access the full episode for free, as well as others. The latter is broadcast in English, but you can activate automatic subtitles for greater comfort. Building on its success on television and on SVOD platforms, Bluey began its expansion into other areas. Last November, the very first game inspired by the series has been launched and it is now accessible on Xbox Game Pass. The game wasn’t very well received, but it speaks to higher ambitions for this series that has now taken the world by storm.

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