Osino unveils his new clip with the traders of Chaumont and Langres

Chaumontese rapper Osino has just released “Apparences”, the second track from his first album “Dans ma cave”, which will be released in the fall. The clip, featuring the Langres rapper Le Brame, features traders from Chaumont and Langres.

“We wanted to capture as many faces and portraits as possible to give meaning to the piece, to the image we had of it,” explains Osino. Inspired by the clip for “My text, the soap”, by rapper Akhenaton, emblematic member of IAM, Osino’s was filmed in the main streets of Chaumont and Langres, in particular rue Victoire-de-la-Marne and rue Diderot.

The two rappers were keen to highlight different local actors, in particular the traders of these streets, but also their relatives, artists or not, who took part in the game of figuration for the duration of a clip. “We did it by feeling. There were people who were comfortable with the camera, we took the liberty of telling them to nod their heads. There were even some who rapped. Those who were less comfortable, they were told to do what they wanted,” says Osino.

This new track, “Apparences”, available on all streaming platforms, was recorded and produced “at home”, and co-written by Osino and Le Brame. The latter also composed the music and directed the clip, under his Naps Hart hat. “The idea was also to change the usual rap clips where we just film the rapper and stop at that,” explains the director of the clip.

Clip available on the Youtube channel

The two rappers were able to count on the participation of DJ Venum for the scratched part at the end of the song, which therefore questions the theme of appearances. “There are lots of things that come into play around appearances. Personally, it’s more the image of people, the image we want to give ourselves, what we really are, what we would have liked to be…” explains Osino. “For me, it’s the fact that we focus on what we see, on the appearance of people, and not on what we might know about the person,” adds Le Brame.

The “Apparences” clip is available on the channel Youtube by Osino, just like that of “In my cave”, the eponymous title of his first album which will be released in the fall, carried by the associative label PVRN Records. A song and a clip will be revealed every two months to wait until then, also on the channel Youtube from Osino.

Clement Michelot

  • Rapper Osino has just unveiled “Apparences”, the second extract from his album which will be released in the fall. (Naps Hart photo).


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