playwright Pierre Notte accused of rape by a former student

playwright Pierre Notte accused of rape by a former student
playwright Pierre Notte accused of rape by a former student

Playwright and writer Pierre Notte was indicted on April 25, suspected of having raped one of his former high school theater students in 2004-2005, a Source close to the case said on Monday.

This MeToo Theater file, revealed Monday morning by the newspaper Libération, gave rise to police custody at the end of April and a filmed confrontation between the renowned and award-winning director, 54, and the complainant, an author aged 37 today. ‘today.

According to the Source close to the case, Pierre Notte was indicted and placed under judicial supervision for rape committed “by a person abusing the authority conferred on him by his position” between March 2004 and January 2005, when the complainant was 17 years. Contacted, the defendant’s lawyer did not react immediately.

Pierre Notte said he was “devastated by the situation” in an e-mail addressed to Libération, arguing that he had lived “a love story” where Alban K. was “neither terrorized, nor impressed, nor constrained, nor forced , nor submissive.”

Course of events

At the time of the alleged facts, Alban K. was following the theater option taught by Pierre Notte in a high school in the Paris region. His complaint, filed with civil action in September 2022, describes an “isolated and fragile” student, victim of school harassment and suffering from the state of health of a very ill father.

In this difficult context, the lessons given by Pierre Notte seem to him to be a “wonder”. “At the very beginning, I had a very positive image of him, open, kind, curious, protective,” confides Alban K.

After a school trip in February 2004, where the teacher “made sure to get even closer to the student” according to the complaint, the teenager suggested that they meet in a café, but Pierre Notte took him to his house instead. . Alban K. describes a first sexual assault.

It is a “turning point” in their relationship: the young person finds himself confronted “with a sexuality which exceeds him, shocks him and disgusts him” during weekly meetings and during school holidays, according to the complaint.

” Afraid “

Alban K. remembers being “frightened” by Pierre Notte, “a real despot”. “It became a kind of unspoken law very early on. I was conditioned to having to prove to him that I loved him, that he was the best, otherwise he would threaten to kill himself.” He accuses her of having raped him in the spring of 2004.

Their relationship lasts when Alban K. studies at university. He broke up in 2010 and left to live in Canada. Pierre Notte was placed under the more favorable status of assisted witness for marital rape from 2005 to 2011.



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