Are diet sodas healthier?

Are diet sodas healthier?
Are diet sodas healthier?

Sugar-free or low-sugar sodas continue to grow in popularity. 41% of children and 60% of French adults consume it, according to data from the Institut des Mamans (IDM Familles). In a context where excess sugar is increasingly being singled out, opting for light drinks may seem like a solution to have a clear conscience. However, these alternatives are not as beneficial for your health as they seem.

These so-called “sugar-free” drinks contain sweeteners that are just as dangerous for our health according to Dr. Jimmy Mohammed: “Sweeteners are chemical substances created by the food industry to give the taste of sugar without the calories. And very often , we notice among consumers of light drinks, that they will drink cases and cases of them. They’re not just going to have a drink every now and then. They will be accustomed and addicted to this sweet taste, and this craving for sugar all the time.”

He adds: “your taste buds which feel like they have sugar, send a chemical message to your brain of pleasure, of dopamine. But, thehe problem is that your digestive tract doesn’t understand, because it tastes like sugar, but it doesn’t have the calories to go with it. So, we disrupt the functioning of insulin and it has been clearly demonstrated, the consumption of these sweeteners increases the risk of becoming diabetic.

The aspartame contained in diet sodas is carcinogenic.

Dr Jimmy Mohammed

Furthermore, artificial sweeteners, including aspartame, acesulfame-K and sucralose, are associated with increased risks of cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and coronary heart disease. “Over nine years of monitoring, 1,502 cardiovascular events occurred (heart attacks, angina, angioplasties, strokes, etc.). And aspartame was shown by the WHO (the World Health Organization). Health), it is carcinogenic, therefore even if it means drinking a coke, have a real one from time to timeif it makes you happy, but don’t take a light”, insists Dr Jimmy Mohammed.

In conclusion, if you want to treat yourself, the doctor advises instead to create your own drinks or drink grenadine syrup from time to time, because diet soda is truly a “burk food.”

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