Dangerous airbags: it’s Opel’s turn to recall cars

Dangerous airbags: it’s Opel’s turn to recall cars
Dangerous airbags: it’s Opel’s turn to recall cars

In any case, the risks for motorists, pointed out in the Opel recall, have points in common with those of Takata airbags, which could deteriorate and, in the event of deployment of the airbags, “result in fragments of the inflator causing injury to vehicle occupants“.

In the airbags of Opel vehicles, “The propellant used in the driver’s airbag inflator can degrade when exposed to very high temperatures and very high humidity levels. If activated after an impact, excessive internal pressure may cause the inflator to burst and metal fragments may pass through the cushion material causing injury to occupants. explains Rappel-Conso.

For Opel vehicles, Astra H cars are concerned; Astra J; Cascada; Meriva B; Mokkah; Signum; Vectra C and Zafira C, produced between 2003 and 2018. In detail, here are the models concerned:

  • e1*98/14*0187*06
  • e50*2001/116*0008*01
  • from e1*2001/116*0261*03 to e1*2001/116*0261*18
  • from e1*2001/116*0290*02 to e1*2001/116*0290*07
  • from e1*2001/116*0291*02 to e1*2001/116*0291*07
  • from e1*2001/116*0292*02 to e1*2001/116*0292*08
  • from e1*2001/116*0293*00 to e1*2001/116*0293*13
  • from e1*2001/116*0454*00 to e1*2001/116*0454*03
  • from e1*2007/46*0141*00 to e1*2007/46*0141*28
  • from e1*2007/46*0340*00 to e1*2007/46*0340*06
  • from e1*2007/46*0341*00 to e1*2007/46*0341*06
  • from e1*2007/46*0344*00 to e1*2007/46*0344*06
  • from e1*2007/46*0576*00 to e1*2007/46*0576*03
  • from e4*2001/116*0094*00 to e4*2001/116*0094*17
  • from e4*2001/116*0094*02 to e4*2001/116*0094*13
  • from e4*2001/116*0094*15 to e4*2001/116*0094*17
  • from e4*2007/46*0165*00 to e4*2007/46*0165*16
  • from e4*2007/46*0204*00 to e4*2007/46*0204*35
  • from e4*2007/46*0204*04 to e4*2007/46*0204*22
  • from e4*2007/46*0204*05 to e4*2007/46*0204*32
  • from e4*2007/46*0204*11 to e4*2007/46*0204*33
  • from e4*2007/46*0271*00 to e4*2007/46*0271*10
  • from e4*2007/46*0308*01 to e4*2007/46*0308*09
  • from e4*2007/46*0308*02 to e4*2007/46*0308*10
  • from e4*2007/46*0309*01 to e4*2007/46*0309*06
  • from e4*2007/46*0537*00 to e4*2007/46*0537*02
  • from e4*2007/46*0537*04 to e4*2007/46*0537*21
  • from e50*2001/116*0007*01 to e50*2001/116*0007*05

To find out if your vehicle is affected by this recall, Opel offers a dedicated page on its website. To do this, simply enter the VIN (vehicle identification number), which can be found on your car’s registration document. If your car is affected, you must “contact your authorized repairer as soon as possible», Indicates Opel, which specifies that “these interventions are covered free of charge”.



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