China hits hard with a new world record – La Nouvelle Tribune

There China has once again established itself as an essential force in the renewable energy sector, breaking records thanks to its technological advances. The country has historically played a leading role in the deployment of wind energy, relying on ambitious policies to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels and assert its leading position in green technologies. This dynamic is part of a broader desire to innovate in the energy field while pursuing global ecological objectives.

Off the coast of Fujian province, the turbine Goldwind GWH252-16MWwith its impressive 252 meters in diameter, set a new record by producing 384.1 megawatt hours in 24 hours during a typhoon. This achievement demonstrates not only China’s ability to carry out innovations in extreme conditions, but also its mastery in building resistant and efficient structures. Thanks to blades that adjust in real time, this turbine continues to operate and produce electricity even in high winds, marking a significant advancement in reliability and energy efficiency.

China, already known for its vast wind farms and massive investment in renewable energy, plans to build the world’s largest wind farm, a move that reflects its ambition to dominate the green energy sector on a global scale. international. This project could power entire countries, illustrating the potential of wind energy as a major pillar of global energy supply.

Other performances

Beyond wind power, China has also set records in other areas of renewable energy. It is one of the world’s largest producers of solar energy, with installations capable of generating gigawatts of power. Additionally, it is actively exploring emerging technologies such as hydroelectric power from gigantic dams and geothermal energy, continuing its quest for sustainable energy diversification.

These efforts illustrate a well-rounded strategy that not only addresses immediate energy needs, but also aims to position China as a central pillar of energy innovation and sustainability for decades to come. The impact of these advances goes far beyond records, laying a solid foundation for a future where clean energy is both abundant and accessible, redefining global standards in the fight against climate change.



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