How to protect your data from AI on Instagram and Facebook?

How to protect your data from AI on Instagram and Facebook?
How to protect your data from AI on Instagram and Facebook?

Meta is preparing to use your data on its flagship social networks to feed its artificial intelligence (AI). But, don’t worry, it is possible to object to this!

In recent days, Instagram and Facebook users have received a message telling them that the parent company will feed its AI with their data. Scheduled for June 26, 2024, this measure could displease many users. Because using their information to develop and improve artificial intelligence is not suitable for everyone. However, of course, you can object without worry. To protect yourself from this, here is the procedure to follow!

Facebook and Instagram are a veritable nest of information. Blindly trusting the confidentiality of these two social networks, users offer them a lot of personal or other data. During the night of Wednesday 22 to Thursday 23 May 2024several Internet users have received a notification, which could well change things.

We are planning new AI features for you“, we could read. Being the subject of exciting news, it is essential to read the accompanying message carefully. Because the Tech giant informs you that it will use your data from next month in order to feed its artificial intelligence. Something that cannot be tolerated by users. What would interest Mark Zuckerberg’s company would be your publications, photos, as well as their captions and the history of your conversations with the chatbot.

You would have understood it, to train your generative AI, use social networks would be a great solution. These constitute a huge database with billions of members and content. Thanks to the information it will collect, Meta’s generative AI will be capable of imitating a human “to perfection”!

The notification indicating this new feature has certainly not been received by all users, but it will not be long. As you read, you will find a line that might interest you. “Rlight to object» translates to “ a right of opposition is offered to you“. This means that if you do not like this measure, you will be able to refuse it. Here’s how to do it!

First, you will receive a form to complete in order to object to how your information will be used . Applications will be consideredin accordance with applicable data protection laws. If your request is accepted, it will be applied in the future”, according to Meta.

Then, all you have to do is fill in the requested information. To begin, you will need to be logged into your account, then indicate your country of residence. Then, add your email address and explain “the impact of this treatment on you“. To do this, simply paste the URL of the CNIL website This method has been communicated by most websites. Indeed,@JhonnyBeeGoode on X/Twittershared it to help you answer this request!

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