The Mojaloop Foundation unveils its first report highlighting its role in promoting financial inclusion

The Mojaloop Foundation unveils its first report highlighting its role in promoting financial inclusion
The Mojaloop Foundation unveils its first report highlighting its role in promoting financial inclusion
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The Mojaloop Foundation today announced the release of its inaugural report, which outlines significant advances in its mission to promote financial inclusion around the world. The report, titled Bridging the Gap: Advancing Financial Inclusion with Mojaloop, highlights the foundation’s accomplishments, partnerships and initiatives over the past year, highlighting its commitment to empowering underserved communities. thanks to financial, digital, accessible and interoperable services. To access the free, downloadable report from the Mojaloop Foundation, visit

We are excited to share the Mojaloop Foundation’s inaugural report, which reflects the dedication and collaboration of our global community to drive meaningful change. “As we celebrate our achievements over the past year, we remain steadfast in our commitment to building an inclusive financial ecosystem that empowers individuals and communities in emerging economies,” said Paula Hunter, Executive Director of the Mojaloop Foundation.

Created to promote financial inclusion through open Source Mojaloop software, the Mojaloop Foundation has played a crucial role in promoting innovation with the goal of democratizing access to digital financial services. The report provides a comprehensive overview of the foundation’s impact and progress in achieving its goals. The Mojaloop Foundation encourages stakeholders, policymakers and advocates to read the report for information on progress and opportunities in the area of ​​financial inclusion.

Our vision of universal financial inclusion is a world where everyone, everywhere can access and use the financial services they need to lead a more productive life, using just a mobile phone,” said Kosta Peric, president of the foundation. Mojaloop and Deputy Director of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for Inclusive Financial Systems, Global Growth and Opportunity. The Mojaloop Foundation’s track record of innovation helps our partners promote broader adoption of inclusive, domestic and cross-border payment platforms that reach and benefit all.

The most important points of the report include:

  • Global Expansion: Mojaloop is currently rolling out in Rwanda, Mexico and the Philippines, with a regional rollout in the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) and promising proof-of-concept demonstrations underway in five different countries. The Mojaloop Foundation has expanded its business team and scope to new regions, partnering with organizations, governments and stakeholders to implement Inclusive Interoperable Payment Systems (IIPS) tailored to local needs.

  • Technological Advances: Through continued research and development efforts, the foundation has improved the open Source Mojaloop software, making it more robust, secure, and adaptable to various financial ecosystems.

  • Strategic Partnerships: Collaborations with payments industry leaders, open Source innovators, and organizations focused on financial inclusion have accelerated the adoption of Mojaloop-based solutions, evolving the vision of universal financial access .

  • Community Engagement: The Mojaloop Foundation continues to engage with a global community of developers, advocates, and thought leaders, fostering knowledge sharing and collective problem solving to address financial inclusion challenges .

About the Mojaloop Foundation

The Mojaloop Foundation’s mission is to increase financial inclusion by empowering organizations that create interoperable payment systems to offer digital financial services to all. To carry out its mission, it operates as a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization, and maintains its open Source software, Mojaloop, and its community as public goods in the service of financial inclusion. Merchants, banks, suppliers, governments and other entities looking to create instant and inclusive payment platforms can use Mojaloop – in its entirety, adapted or as a reference model for real-time payments. For more information about the Mojaloop Foundation, visit

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