The Navigo Liberté + Pass will arrive on Android with a major new feature

The Navigo Liberté+ Pass will soon be available on NFC-compatible Android smartphones. Indeed, Ile-de-France Mobilités is currently carrying out tests to offer its no-obligation formula on mobile. And for the occasion, the subscription expands its offer by finally allowing travel throughout Île-de-France.

Credits: IDF Mobilités

While the Navigo Pass has just landed on Galaxy Watches, Île-de-France Mobilités has other good news for Parisian public transport users.

In fact, you may know the Navigo Liberté + Pass. To summarize, this formula allows you to travel on the Parisian network (RER, metros, buses and tramways in Paris). Its main attraction is that it allows pay only for the trips you take with an invoice sent at the end of each month. Without engagementthis subscription is mainly intended for users who take transport in Paris from time to time and who do not necessarily need to subscribe to a Navigo recharge per week or per month.

Furthermore, it has other positive points, such as advantageous prices compared to a classic T+ ticket (€1.73 compared to €2.15) and above all it avoids the endless queues at the terminal to buy a ticket. You validate, you travel and you are charged at the end of the month. Nevertheless, the Navigo Liberté + Pass had two problems:

  • the inability to use your Pass on your smartphone
  • the areas concerned are limited to Paris intramural

The Navigo Liberté+ Pass arrives on smartphones with a nice surprise

However, these two faults could soon become ancient history. And indeed and as IDF Mobilités has just announced on its Le Lab site, the public establishment is currently testing the integration of the Navigo Liberté+ Pass on NFC-compatible Android smartphones.

It allows you to travel anywhere by validating at the entry and exit (for trains and RER only) of each journey you make, paying only at the end of each month for what you have consumed” , writes IDF Mobilités.

So the first good news. But the other major novelty, This is the end of the zones on the Navigo Liberté + Pass. For good reason, with this revised formula, users will be able to travel across the entire transport network of Île-de-France Mobilités. This therefore includes all metro lines, IDF RER/train lines, IDF Mobilités bus lines, OrlyBus and RoissyBus, tram and Tzen lines, express tram lines and even the Montmartre funicular.

navigo liberty+ pass
Credits: IDF Mobilités

Prices vary depending on the area

Inevitably, with the opening of the zones, we can say goodbye to the single price of €1.73 for buses/tram/RER. So, an exit to zone 3 will be charged €2.56 for example, when a trip to zone 5 will cost €4. But here again, prices remain more attractive than with traditional tickets.

Let us specify that this test open to the public has just started on May 2, 2024 and that he is already a victim of his success (there are no more places available at the moment). We do not yet know when the Navigo Liberté Pass + all zones will be accessible to everyone. Who knows, we can hope for a launch with the start of the Olympics, perhaps on July 26, 2024. Perhaps at the same time as the Navigo Pass on iPhone? Hope gives life.



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