Vincent Fernandel immerses us in the world of Pagnol with an audio book

Vincent Fernandel, an emeritus storyteller invited to France Bleu Azur. Grandson of Fernandel and son of Franck Fernandel, he lends his voice to tell “The glory of my father”, “The castle of my mother” and “The time of secrets”, three timeless works by Marcel Pagnol.

Vincent Fernandel confides in complete privacy on France Bleu Azur. The memories of his grandfather Fernandel, his father Franck Fernandel, his very strong link not only with Marseille but also the entire Côte d’Azur, from Monaco (where he was born), to the Italian Riviera.

Vincent Fernandel and Adrien Mangano in the France Bleu Azur studios © Radio France
Adrien Mangano

“My father Franck Fernandel was a radio host on RMC and a singer. For the record, it was Bernard Edwards, the bassist and co-founder of the group Chic, who played on Forbidden love that my father made at Sound Studio Los Angeles in 1982″

Cover of the audiobook “Marcel Pagnol read by Vincent Fernandel” by Fleurus Editions © AFP

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