Les 12 coups de midi: Jean-Luc Reichmann scandalized by Émilien’s gift to his mother

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Currently, Émilien is at the head of a prize pool which amounts to more than 960,000 euros. And that’s without counting all the gifts he received thanks to the eight mysterious stars he has since earned. In fact, when it comes to finances, the current champion of the show Les 12 coups de midi really doesn’t have to worry.

And yet, despite his earnings, the young history student remains very modest in his spending. The proof is the pair of shoes he bought himself with the money won on the TF1 game show. Not to mention the gift he gave to his mother and which left Jean-Luc Reichmann speechless.

“You didn’t even give him a car…but a…”

Émilien is very proud to have been able to offer this gift to his dear mother, Fabienne. So, it’s not about a car or a trip to Bora Bora. The gift in question is something that made her mom even more gorgeous than she already is.

This Thursday, May 2, Émilien revealed, not without pride, having gave his mother a straightener. The audience present on the 12 coups de midi set was also able to see live the reason why they were so proud. Indeed, Fabienne, who was on video to support her son, appeared with perfectly straight hair.

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However, given his reaction, Jean-Luc Reichmann did not expect this revelation at all.

“He gave her the straightener!” You didn’t even give him a car… but a hair straightener”he said, amused by this discovery.

To which the current champion of the show Les 12 coups de midi replied: “We’ll see then!” »

A project to carry out after the show Les 12 coups de midi

With all the money he got on the show, Emilien could have a whole different lifestyle if he wanted. However, the 21-year-old made it known that he saw no interest in it. For now, its only objective is to stay in the game as long as possible ; the rest can still wait.

So, there is still one thing – a project, to be more precise, that Émilien would happily spend money on. Indeed, the young Vendéen confided that he intended tooffer a nice trip to his partner Jessica.

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Apart from that, the young Master of Midday does not intend to spend his winnings on the show at all. To tell the truth, he hasn’t really thought yet what he’s going to do with all this money.

In the meantime, the second most feared candidate in Les 12 coups de midi prefers to remain careful with his prize pool.

A success that he shares with those close to him

Apart from this romantic trip, he sees no reason to spend his money. So, this does not mean that the current champion of the show Les 12 coups de midi is stingy. In fact, it’s quite the opposite!

Jean-Luc Reichmann’s little darling claims to have gave most of his gifts to his loved ones. “ We kept a few things for the apartment, but that’s it.”he confided.

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