Where do Occitanie celebrities live?

Benjamin Biolay in Hérault, François-Xavier Demaison in the Pyrénées-Orientales, Laurent Jalabert in Tarn-et-Garonne… Many celebrities live in Occitanie, find out who they are and in which city they live.

François-Xavier Demaison

François-Xavier Demaison alongside his wife Anaïs Tihay at the Nice Festival, in 2021. © macri roland / Shutterstock.com

The French actor François-Xavier Demaison lives with his family in the Catalan village of Thuir, announced the actor to Le Parisien. Although he has to make a few trips a year to Paris for work, the 50-year-old is involved in the Pyrénées-Orientales. He is owner of the Mirmanda estate in the Vingrau region and also invested the Château de Palauda and its park to launch the festival Pellicu live. François-Xavier Demaison lives a simple life in Thuir, far from the hustle and bustle of big cities.

Patrick Timsit

Actor Patrick Timsit is still very active. He still has to go to Paris often for his work, but has a secondary house in the Gard, in Uzès. He fell in love with this Gard village, which has now adopted him. He now lives in a large house in this village and lives there for a few months a year.he specified in the columns of the magazine TV Star in June 2023. In Uzès, Patrick Timsit founded his festival “Seul en Scène”which returns from May 7 to 11, 2024 for a second edition.

Ingrid Chauvin

Star actress in the TF1 series “Tomorrow belongs to us”, Ingrid Chauvin decided to settle in Sète in 2017. A decision taken when she joined the filming of this series, the plot of which takes place in the Hérault town. She now lives all year round in a villa located in Mont Saint-Clair., on the heights of Sète, which can be seen on some of the actress’ Instagram posts. Ingrid Chauvin leads a peaceful life there, far from the capital she left, with her husband and her son.

Laurent Jalabert

It’s no secret to many people, the former French cyclist Laurent Jalabert has lived in Montauban for many years. Today a consultant for France Télévisions, for whom he comments on the Tour de France every summer, he leads a peaceful life with his partner in Tarn-et-Garonne. With the latter, who shares the same passion as him, he still enjoys many bike rides.

Benjamin Biolay

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Benjamin Biolay at the Berlinale in 2022. Elena Ternovaja – CC BY-SA 3.0

To leave Paris and recharge your batteries, Benjamin Biolay has chosen to settle in Sète for around fifteen years, indicates the media Le Journal de la maison. The Mediterranean city welcomes him for a few months of the year, where he likes to meet up with his loved ones and disconnect. The singer also finds inspiration there since his latest album is entitled Saint Clair, the name of the famous hill in the Hérault town. Benjamin Biolay lives in a small traditional house in Sète, called “baraquette”, on Mont Saint-Clair, where he has a magnificent view of the port.

Laurent Cabrol

Former journalist at Europe 1 and TF1 among others, Laurent Cabrol lives today, at 76, in peaceful retirement in Tarn. He lives where he was born, in Saint-Amans-Valtoret. In this small Tarn village, his family has owned an old 80 hectare farm for centuries, specifies Le Journal d’Ici. Laurent Cabrol has decided to live in this family estate since his retirement, where he takes care of his land and his animals.

Eve Ruggieri

Former television and radio producer and host, Eve Ruggieri is the owner of the Château de Beaumont-sur-l’Osse, in the Gers. A building protected as historical monuments, which has belonged to her since 1973. While she still lived in Paris at that time, she decides to restore it to give it back its former glory. Aged 85, she now lives full time in her castle with its French gardens and large library.

Macha Méril

Still in the Gers, it is in Montreal that the French actress and writer, Macha Méril, lives. The latter fell in love with this village more than twenty years ago. And there is reason for this since it is classified among the “Most beautiful villages in France”. She finally bought a house, which is composed of a large fireplace, stone walls and white woodwork, specifies the media PurePeople. Macha Méril took care of the restoration of her house, which required it, to make it a typical local house.

Peter Richard

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Pierre Richard at the annual Cannes Film Festival, May 2015. © Denis Makarenko / Shutterstock.com

Since 1986, Pierre Richard has owned Château Bel Évêque, in Gruissan. (Aude). This is a 50 hectare wine estate, which was not in very good condition at the time, but which the French actor completely restored. A project which was not planned by this lover of wine and cinema, but which still works today. With his domain, Pierre Richard offers a traditional high-end Corbières wine. It is therefore quite natural thathe has lived for years in his wine estate surrounded by vines and flowerssurrounded by nature.


The singer Juliettefrom his real name Juliette Noureddine, lives in a house in Tarn, in the village of Salvagnac. It is 50 kilometers from Toulouse, where she lived for a few years before leaving the Pink City for the calm of the Tarn countryside. But the one who has more than forty years of career in music, still has a small apartment in Paris, where she makes a few trips back and forth for her work, indicates Le Parisien.



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