his partner Soraya, in “deep anger”, makes a radical decision concerning their daughter Eva Alba

The young woman would have left France, with her daughter!

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Published on 02/05/2024 at 09:15


Singer Kendji Girac was shot and injured on the night of Sunday April 21 to Monday April 22, in a Traveler community area in Biscarrosse. Kendji Girac received a projectile in the chest with an exit point in the back. The weapon in question was quickly discovered, without a magazine, in a ditch. It is a Colt 45. On Monday evening, the Mont-de-Marsan prosecutor, Olivier Janson, announced the opening of an investigation under the classification of attempted voluntary homicide.

On Thursday, April 25, this same prosecutor made revelations about the events, evoking disputes between Kendji Girac and his partner Soraya: “He was very scared when he heard her talking about leaving, he had a moment of panicked and in turn wanted to scare him. In a way he faked a suicide. He said he takes responsibility for what he did while regretting it very much, he maintains that it was a simulated suicide. »


“We regret it”, “I don’t admit it”: Kendji Girac’s managers and fans angry after the unpacking of his privacy

Analyzes confirmed that Kendji Girac was heavily alcoholic, more than 2.5 g per liter of blood, and that he had consumed cocaine during an evening and a night of partying. It is also these addictions which are the Source of arguments within the couple. An expert opinion made it possible to rule out two theories: that of the intervention of a third party in this shooting, and that of an accident, first mentioned by the singer. The investigation should be closed very soon, without any prosecution concerning Kendji Girac.

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“He’s brooding”: this is why Kendji Girac has been at his worst for several months

Since the tragedy, Kendji Girac has not spoken publicly. According to Paris Match, Soraya left France for Switzerland, where she is from. Still according to the French magazine, Soraya, who left with her daughter Eva Alba, would be in “deep anger”. Paris Match specifies that Soraya has not gone to see Kendji since his hospitalization: “She could not stand his gesture. She finds him irresponsible, endangering their daughter’s life. I don’t think she wants, for the moment, to have an explanation with him,” explains a Source to Paris Match.

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