Burkina Faso: very bad news for Ibrahim Traoré…

Burkina Faso: very bad news for Ibrahim Traoré…
Burkina Faso: very bad news for Ibrahim Traoré…

In Burkina Faso, the news is not good for Ibrahim Traoré and his government because they are in the sights of the United Nations (UN).

Through a press release made public, the high commission of the international body for human rights asked Ouagadougou to launch investigations into abuses and massacres against civilian populations.

Abuses committed by terrorists, but also by national security forces.

“When we asked in this press release to carry out an investigation, we were addressing the national authorities.

When there are violations or abuses, it is the obligation of the national authority to carry out investigations.

So, we asked for it and we started from a national investigation. So, the authorities told us that yes, that they were carrying out investigations.

But these investigations must be successful for justice to be done. So, we wait and hope that the authorities succeed, finish these investigations”believes Marta Hurtado.

“Are there more incentive or more coercive means on the part of the United Nations and the High Commission so that these investigations go more quickly and that they are truly reported?

No, we have no other means than words to make them understand that they must do what they are obliged to do.

Like other countries, they must do it too. It is the obligation of the State to shed light on all the violations and abuses committed in their country.he clarified.

On numerous occasions, Ibrahim Traoré’s government has already criticized the UN for its position.

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