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At the end of several weeks of testimony during which there was talk of falsified documents, money, but also sex, the lawyers of former American President Donald Trump and the prosecutors carried out, on Monday, their final – and long – attempt to rally the jurors with their closing arguments.

On the 21st day of the trial, the jurors had to be patient and saw their concentration put to the test during a hearing which exceptionally stretched into the evening.

As during the opening statements in mid-April, prosecutors and defense lawyers presented them with contradictory versions, on the guilt of the accused, of course, but also on the weight to be given to Michael’s testimony Cohen, Donald Trump’s ex-lawyer, and even on democratic principles.

Seeking to link the evidence presented and the twenty testimonies heard into a coherent narrative framework, prosecutor Joshua Steinglass delivered a long five-hour indictment against Donald Trump, the first former American president to face criminal charges.

From a crucial meeting at Trump Tower in the summer of 2015 to another held at the White House in February 2017, including the nine checks signed by Donald Trump in 2017, the broadcast, in October 2016, from a compromising video of Donald Trump making misogynistic remarks to the payment made by Michael Cohen to Stormy Daniels, he offered a concentrate of all the arguments presented during the previous six weeks, reconstituting the chronology of events.

Joshua Steinglass called on jurors to look at this case through prism of the meeting which brought together Donald Trump, Michael Cohen and the former boss of the American Media Inc. press group, David Pecker, at Trump Tower in August 2015.

Mr. Pecker, the first witness called to the stand, detailed the maneuver aimed at intercepting stories likely to harm the Republican candidate.

This scheme, concocted by these men, at that time, may well be what allowed President Trump to be elected.

A quote from Joshua Steinglass, prosecutor

A few hours earlier, Donald Trump’s lead lawyer in this case, Todd Blanche, had for his part affirmed that this type of agreement was standard practice – which is not the case.

Many politicians collaborate with the media to try to promote their image, argued the lawyer. There is no nothing criminal about it, it happens all the timehe argued.

Every election campaign in this country is a conspiracy to promote a candidate.

A quote from Todd Blanche, lawyer for Donald Trump

[Me] Blanche said there was nothing wrong with trying to influence an election, that’s called democracyreplied Mr. Steinglass. In reality, this deal at Trump Tower was the exact opposite. It was a subversion of democracyhe said.

In this trial, the 77-year-old politician is accused of having falsified a series of financial documents linked, according to prosecutors, to a reimbursement made to Michael Cohen in connection with a payment to Stormy Daniels, for a specific reason: to conceal a conspiracy crime aimed at winning the election by illegal means.

Todd Blanche reiterated that Michael Cohen had, on the contrary, indeed been paid for the legal services he provided in 2017 to Donald Trump and his family, another assertion denied by prosecutors.

[Donald Trump] didn’t really pay a lawyer. He paid a pornographic movie star through a lawyer.

A quote from Joshua Steinglass, prosecutor

2017. Do you think Donald Trump would spend 42000$ per hour for legal services?”,”text”:”[Michael Cohen] spent more time under cross-examination during this trial than he spent doing legal work for Donald Trump in 2017. Do you think Donald Trump would spend $42,000 an hour on legal services?”}}”>[Michael Cohen] spent more time on cross-examination at this trial than he spent doing legal work for Donald Trump in 2017. Do you think Donald Trump would spend $42,000 an hour on legal services ?argued Me Steinglass.

Michael Cohen at the center of the defense’s pleading


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Michael Cohen leaves his home to testify in court where Donald Trump’s criminal trial is being held, May 20, 2024.

Photo: Reuters / Eduardo Munoz

The defense has once again portrayed Michael Cohen, a key witness in this trial, as a liar who cannot be trusted, making his tainted credibility a central argument of its presentation.

From the first minutes of his speech, Ms. Blanche sought to discredit him. Cohen lied to youhe insisted.

Mr. Cohen, presented as the biggest liar of all timeEast the human embodiment of reasonable doubtargued the lawyer, echoing the portrait drawn by the defense during the appearance.

However, he is the only witness to implicate Donald Trump in the falsification of documents, underlined the lawyer.

The latter raised the prospect of his client’s imprisonment, attracting reproaches from the judge.

You can’t send someone to prison, you can’t convict someone based on Michael Cohen’s words.

A quote from Todd Blanche, lawyer for Donald Trump

Even if Donald Trump risks prison, on paper, experts consider such a scenario highly improbable, and the sentence falls to the judge and not the jurors.

Making such a comment is completely inappropriate.noted Judge Juan Merchan. It’s simply forbidden, that’s all.he added, noting that the long experience of Todd Blanche, a former prosecutor turned defense lawyer, allowed him to know this.

I can’t believe it was accidentalhe asserted.

During prosecutors’ closing arguments, Joshua Stenglass accused the defense of wanting to To divert attention of the real issue.

This is not the trial of Michael Cohen. This trial is that of Donald Trump and it aims to determine whether he should be held responsible for making false entries in his own company documentshe said.

Michael Cohen’s importance in this case lies in revealing the color and context of the documents. He’s like a tour guideillustrated Joshua Stenglass.

The prosecutor then tried to use the defense argument to his advantage, arguing that Donald Trump had made Michael Cohen his right-hand man because of what he is accusing him of today.

We did not choose Michael Cohen as a witness. We didn’t go pick it up at the witness storeadded Me Steinglass.

The defendant chose Michael Cohen to solve his problems because he was willing to lie and cheat on his behalf.

A quote from Joshua Steinglass, prosecutor

He inherited jobs that no one else wanted. He inherited jobs that the accused wanted to keep secretargued Joshua Steinglass.

During his four-day appearance, Michael Cohen claimed to have paid, on the orders of Donald Trump, US$130,000 to former pornographic film actress Stormy Daniels to keep her silent about an alleged sexual relationship with the accused.

He also claimed that his former boss approved the plan to reimburse him and falsified documents related to that reimbursement.

Mr. Cohen served a federal prison sentence after pleading guilty to various charges.

This trial is not a referendum on Trump, defense argues


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Todd Blanche, Donald Trump’s lead lawyer, addressed jurors for three hours.

Photo: Reuters / Jane Rosenberg

President Trump is innocentTodd Blanche immediately launched during a three-hour argument that was sometimes disjointed. He committed no crime, and the prosecutor did not meet the burden of proof.

This trial is not not a referendum on Donald Trump, argued Todd Blanche.

If you just focus on the evidence you heard in this courtroom, you will reach a not guilty verdict very, very quickly and easily.

A quote from Todd Blanche, lawyer for Donald Trump

Prosecutors have not shown Donald Trump falsified documents.

There is no evidence that Donald Trump knew about the invoices presented by Michael Cohen, that he had any intention to commit fraud, and that he covered up another crime.

Addressing the testimony, at times very explicit, of Stormy Daniels, the lawyer once again affirmed that the alleged sexual relationship between her and Donald Trump did not take place.

In accordance with New York procedure, it was the team of prosecutors who addressed the jurors last.

This did not prevent Donald Trump from complaining about it the day before on his social network Truth Social.


Three of Donald Trump’s children, Donald, Eric, accompanied by his wife Lara, and Tiffany, were in the courtroom to support their father.

This is the first time that four members of the Trump clan were present at the same time. The former president’s wife, Melania, as well as his daughter Ivanka and younger son Barron never attended the trial.

Deliberations will begin Wednesday, after the judge’s instructions to the jury, which is made up of seven men and seven women.

>>The two sons listen attentively behind their father who stands in front of the journalists.>>

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Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump listen to the statement of their father, former US President Donald Trump, leaving the court, May 28, 2024

Photo: Associated Press / Justin Lane

Robert De Niro as reinforcement for the Biden campaign

>>American actor Robert De Niro speaks on the microphone in front of the cameras.>>

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American actor Robert De Niro speaks in support of US President Joe Biden in front of the Manhattan court where Donald Trump’s criminal trial is being held, May 28, 2024.


Outside the court, in an exceptional gesture, President Joe Biden’s campaign team held a press conference attended by actor Robert De Niro, a staunch opponent of Donald Trump, as well as two police officers who were present during the assault on the Capitol by supporters of the former president in January 2021.

The actor, originally from the borough of Manhattan, described the former president as a clown and one tyrant wants sow total chaos.

Donald Trump wants to destroy not only the city, but also the country and, ultimately, he could destroy the world.

A quote from Robert De Niro, actor

Under Trump, this type of government [démocratique] will disappear. If Trump returns to the White House, you can say goodbye to those freedoms we all take for grantedhe pleaded.

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With information from New York Times, CNN, The Guardian and Reuters



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