the PFLP rejects the American proposal for an international peacekeeping force –

LThe occupation government and the administration in Washington are trying, through these attempts, to separate the Gaza Strip from the rest of the occupied Palestinian territories. This undermines the Palestinian national project and attempts to sabotage the establishment of an independent Palestinian state and also hits Palestinian representation within the framework of the PLO, the only legitimate representative of the Palestinian people.”, he told the electronic newspaper.

According to Abou Youssef, “the occupation of the Rafah crossing by the Israeli army confirms the reality of these objectives and intentions”, insisting that “talk of deploying Arab forces to Gaza would neither be beneficial nor successful in the context of trying to distance the official and legitimate Palestinian voice from the scene”.

He also emphasized that “The first objective of any discussion on the situation in Palestine should focus on stopping Israeli aggression and the genocide to which the Palestinian people are being subjected”, indicating that “Achieving this goal requires the convergence of Arab and international efforts to prevent the occupation from implementing its policies aimed at displacing and expelling our people, establishing a new Nakba, and undermining independence and statehood. independent Palestinian Authority with Jerusalem as its capital, while guaranteeing the right of return of refugees in accordance with relevant United Nations resolutions”.

And to conclude: “Achieving the freedom and independence of the Palestinian people is something we cannot compromise on; because all the sacrifices that have been and still are made are in order to achieve this goal”, emphasizing the need to “stopping Israeli crimes and rejecting all strategies aimed at perpetuating the occupation; therefore, talking about post-war scenarios in Gaza or the participation of an Arab state in the peacekeeping forces is nothing but Israeli propaganda to weaken the Palestinian Authority and perpetuate colonialism, which is totally unacceptable”.



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