Antoine Kombouaré, Nantes coach, expresses his “fear” and “anger”

Antoine Kombouaré, Nantes coach, expresses his “fear” and “anger”
Antoine Kombouaré, Nantes coach, expresses his “fear” and “anger”

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Antoine Kombouare

The technician, of Kanak origin, talks about the very critical situation in New Caledonia.

Nantes coach Antoine Kombouaré, of Kanak origin, expressed his “fear” and its “anger” in the face of the violence which is shaking New Caledonia following an electoral reform contested by the separatists.

“I can say that I am sad. Sad to see what is happening there. I am scared. And at the same time, I’m angry because what we see there today is not beautiful. And above all, there are people who suffer, there are deaths”reacted the technician at a press conference, two days before his team traveled to Monaco for the 34th and final day of Ligue 1.

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“In these cases, it is better not to speak. There is a moment of contemplation, there are far too many deaths. Today you have five deaths. I don’t like the image I see today of my country.”he added.

“I have my father, I have all my family, my brother there. I said what I had to say. Today I am very sad, unhappy about everything I see. And then at the same time, I’m very angry because upon arrival, it’s not normal. So, we didn’t do what we needed to do to avoid all that.”also declared Kombouaré.

Since the beginning of the week, New Caledonia has been plagued by violent riots against the backdrop of controversial electoral reform. Since Monday, this violence, the most serious to have occurred in New Caledonia since the end of the 1980s, has left 5 dead, including two gendarmes, and hundreds injured, according to the authorities.



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