Penelope ridiculed by fans in this scene

Penelope ridiculed by fans in this scene
Penelope ridiculed by fans in this scene

By François R

– Published on May 24, 2024 at 11:51

Penelope is the laughing stock of the networks after a ridiculous scene from The Bridgerton Chronicle season 3.

The Bridgerton Chroniclesseason 3, first part, has been a hit on the Netflix platform since its release on May 16. Obviously, after so much waiting, the first four episodes are analyzesor even outright dissected on social networks. Just like this scene, quite cheesy, falsely dramatic, really embarrassing, in which Penelope, the heroine of the story, finds herself facing danger. Or almost. From then on, the flagship character of Bridgerton became the laughing stock of fans on Xformerly Twitter. Explanations…

Bridgerton : a season 3 with great fanfare on Netflix

And there you have it, waiting for the new season of The Bridgerton Chronicles is finished ! Well almost. In fact, Netflix has decided to divide the third batch of the adventures of Penelope Featherington and the Bridgerton family into two distinct parts, of four episodes each. A not-so-disconcerting idea, in the end, to increase the sauce and last the pleasure. So that the cliffhanger of the end of the first part of season 3 left the spectators completely baffled. And they want more.

For the rest, we will have to wait (still) a little because the second part of the third season of Bridgerton will only be available from June 13, 2024. Well, that’s okay, the more time passes, the more articles follow one another, the more the following four episodes will arrive on the famous platform. We will therefore be able to discover the continuation of the adventures of Penelope, alias Lady Whistledownauthor of the satirical column, which is now unmasked. Oopsie!

Penelope at the center of the new season of Bridgerton

Because, in this season 3 of The Bridgerton Chroniclesit’s not Benedict which is at the center of the plot as in the original literary saga signed Julia Quinn. Indeed, the production and the showrunner, Jess Brownelldecided to change the questioning at the last moment by swapping the stories of the volumes 3 and 4 of Bridgertonin book. Thus, it is Penelope and Colin who are at the heart of this season 3. Their ambiguous friendship, their twisted romance, their relationships sometimes at loggerheads, take up all the space in the first four episodes.

A logical plot twist given the finale of the previous season, the second, during which Pen reveals to Eloise that she is in reality Lady Whistledown. An explosive secret that leaves their supposedly unwavering friendship in pieces. But, de facto, only Eloise is aware of the double life – and therefore double identity – of the young woman. Which suggests a lot of suspense regarding the other characters in the series, Colin in the first place, who want to unmask Lady Whistledown. And so Penelope Featherington. But this is not the scene that most marked Bridgerton fans in this first part of season 3…

A scene ridicules Penelope in Bridgerton season 3

The now cult scene, despite itself, of the hot air balloon in Bridgerton season 3 has been widely talked about on the networks. The reason ? His side totally cheesy, falsely dramaticor how Pen found herself ridiculed in ridiculous situation. At least if we believe a handful of viewers of the Netflix series who indulged in X. A little potpourri of hilarious reactions to this cheap scene: “Girl, move left or right! Why does she keep going backwards?” / “She had 6-7 working days to travel” / “This scene is so comical to me”. A carnage which immortalizes this very moment cringe from the Serie.

Pen, already shown in her worst light in the series, often clumsy And LEFTSometimes ass-ass And ingenueeven a bit woodcockcould therefore have dodged this hot air balloon. This soft balloon threatens to crush him while the entire action of the scene takes place in slow motion. A transfer, an unwitting homage, to a hilarious scene from the pastiche of James Jump, Austin Powerswith its story of a menacing steamroller that advances like a turtle under Xanax. Internet users, hilarious at this sequence of The Bridgerton Chronicles season 3 which literally falls flathad a field day on the networks. If Penelope, aka Lady Whistledown, had been a contemporary of thread as a 2.0 column to counterattack.



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