6 New C-dramas to Watch in 2024

The captivating narratives and traditional costumes of C-dramas have propelled them to the top of East Asian entertainment in recent times. Thanks to streaming platforms such as Viki, WeTV and even Netflix, C-dramas have become more accessible to international audiences. Here’s a look at the new C-dramas to watch in 2024.

The 2019 historical fantasy C-drama, “The Untamed”, was one of the first C-dramas to enjoy critical acclaim and worldwide recognition. Fast forward to 2023, a multitude of series have captivated the world. Among them, the popular heart-melting romantic series, “Hidden Love”, which has a rating of 8.6/10 on IMDb. Other popular C-dramas of 2023 were “Till the End of the Moon”, “When I Fly Towards You” and “The Forbidden Flower”.

From epic historical sagas to contemporary tales of love and intrigue, C-dramas provide an incomparable viewing experience that almost always opens the eyes of global audiences to Chinese traditions, values ​​and cultures.

The selection of Chinese entertainment content for 2024 also promises a world filled with complex characters and rich storytelling. We’ve put together a list of C-dramas slated for 2024 that everyone should add to their binge-watching list.

1- Red-Moon Pact

Distribution : Yang Mi, Gong Jun
Realization : Mai Guan Zhi, Du Lin
Number of episodes (estimated): 38

Synopsis: The fox spirit Tushan Hong Hong (Yang) saves Dongfang Yue Chu (Gong) when he finds himself in imminent danger. The two gradually begin spending time together in Tushan, home of the fox matchmakers, and strike a deal to fight the evil forces together to ensure peace and harmony in their respective clans, which are in conflict. constantly against each other.

About the series: The first installment of Fox’s Spirit Matchmaker series, Red-Moon Pact is one of the major C-dramas of 2024 that many fans are looking forward to, with production having concluded in 2022. It is a series in live action based on a popular manhua of the same name which has been adapted into a comic book, a film, a mobile game, and now a television series.

2- Love in Pavilion

6 new C-dramas to watch in 2024 K-Selection

Distribution : Liu Shi Shi, Leon Zhang
Director: Flax
Episodes (estimated): 36

Synopsis: Love in Pavilion witnesses the most heartbreaking promise between Dongfang Huai Zhu (Liu) and Wangquan Hong Ye (Leon), the heads of the two most respected families. Together, they work to provide stability in a world plagued by conflicts between humans and demons, but ultimately see their destinies intertwined to become a legend that will be known from generation to generation.

About the series: One of the major C-dramas that fans are eagerly waiting for is Fox Spirit Matchmaker 2 aka Love in Pavilion. This sequel will focus on the Zhuye arc, which highlights the love story between Dongfang Huai Zhu and Wangquan Honge Ye.

3- Mystical Moonlight

6 new C-dramas to watch in 2024 K-Selection

Distribution : Bai Lu, Ao Rui Peng
Realization : Chu Yui Pan, Zhu Rui Bin, Francis Nam Chi-Wai, Gu Zhi Wei
Number of episodes (estimated): 36

Synopsis: Bai Shuo (Bai), a cheerful troublemaker and daughter of a general, seeks immortality but ends up accidentally saving the famous and powerful demon god Fanyue (Ao). The duo picks trouble but eventually develop affection for each other and fall in love.

4- The Princess Royal

6 new C-dramas to watch in 2024 K-Selection

Distribution : Zhao Jin Mai, Zhang Ling He
Director: Go Yik Chun
Episodes (estimated): 40

Synopsis: Despite their 30 years of marriage, Li Rong (Zhao) and Pei Wen Xuan (Zhang) have no affection or love for each other. They end up dying after falling into traps set by others by turning against each other. However, they have a chance to patch things up when they are transported back to the time when they married solely for political gains, when they were 18 years old. How will their story end this time?

About the series: The lead actress, Zhao Jin Mai, was named in Forbes China 30 Under 30 Asia 2019 for her popularity and influence in the entertainment field. The C-drama is an adaptation of a web novel, The Grand Princess.

5- Follow Your Heart

6 new C-dramas to watch in 2024 K-Selection

Distribution : Luo Yun Xi, Song Yi
Director: Yu Chung Chung
Episodes (estimated): Not available

Synopsis: Prince Jiang Xin Bai (Luo), ruthless by nature, realizes the depth of love beyond physical appearance when he meets and falls in love with doctor Yan Nan energy that transforms into another person every month. One of the many obstacles they face is the prince’s prosopagnosia, a cognitive disorder that causes him to lose the ability to remember people’s faces. The two solve crimes together as their destinies bring them significantly closer together, making them discover what it truly means to be in love.

About the series: It is one of the most anticipated C-dramas of this year, especially due to the presence of Luo Yun Xi, the star of the hit 2023 TV series, “Till The End of the Moon” ( TTEM). He achieved mainstream success through TTEM and the office romantic C-drama “Love is Sweet” (2020).

6- Legend of the Female General

6 new C-dramas to watch in 2024 K-Selection

Distribution : Zhou Ye, Ryan Cheng
Director: Jeffery Chiang
Number of episodes (estimated): 40

Synopsis: Generals with opposing personalities unite to eliminate evil and injustice, but end up falling in love with each other. Zhou plays a female general with a gentle personality but a strong and independent spirit, while Ryan plays a male general who is cold-hearted but has great martial skill.



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