Claire and Louis hated at the institute and Kelly faced with a miracle – Here it all begins May 6, 2024 (episode 919 – full ITC summary)

Discover the detailed summary of Here it all begins in advance season 4 with episode 919 broadcast on Monday May 6, 2024 with Cardone blackmailing Landiras. #ITC in advance with TV News

Louis Guinot the laughing stock of the institute

Find the full summary ofHere it all begins episode 919 broadcast on TF1 on Monday May 6, 2024 (see the advance summaries of Here it all begins archived per week).

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What are the highlights of the episode of Here it all begins on May 6, 2024: in brief ITC episode 919

  • Claire and Olivia are not getting along.
  • Clotilde has a grudge against Claire, she is angry with her for manipulating her
  • The students don’t want to see Louis again at the institute at all: Claire spoils Souleymane and Vic’s grades
  • Cardone offers Jasmine to join the Coupe de France but she refuses out of friendship for Kelly
  • Teyssier ready to lead Salomé and Kelly’s brigade to the Coupe de France following the withdrawal?

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Everything you need to know about episode 919 of Here it all begins from May 6, 2024, all the complete points in relation to the intrigues.

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Claire realizes that everyone hates her

The French Cup complicated atmosphere!

Kelly and Malik have a hard time accepting that they got fired by Cardon. Lionel thinks they must fight, Benoit Delobel is the president of the jury. Lionel thinks they can ask him if Cardone has the right to do that.

Landiras and Clotilde do not approve of Cardone’s decision for the French Cup. Landiras announces that if Kelly leaves, he leaves. Cardone tells him it’s non-negotiable.

Cardone calls the students into the lecture hall. Zacharie Landiras has no choice, he is obliged to train the new brigade. Landiras explains to Kelly and Laetitia that Annabelle threatened to fire him so he had no choice.
Cardone offers Jasmine the position of brigade leader. She refuses because Kelly is her friend.


Tom is still depressed

Clotilde tells Claire that she manipulated her because of Louis. Clotilde says she wouldn’t have voted against Cardone if she knew about Louis. Olivia wishes Claire happy birthday (she hasn’t forgotten) despite the hostilities.

Clotilde ITC

Clotilde and Claire it’s war

Photos of Louis are plastered in the kitchens with the words “the murderer is back”. Vic defends Claire, she understands that she wants her son to be released. Souleymane hopes he never comes back here. Claire doesn’t really like it, she asks the students to tear down all the portraits. Claire takes revenge by giving a graded exercise to the students and she trashes them in particular Vic and Souleymane (because she must have heard their conversation).

Kelly UTC

Kelly finds it difficult to accept giving up the French Cup…. but a miracle happens

Tom says he has a date with David and Enzo… to provoke Billie, but she actually doesn’t care. The boys think Tom must be thinking of something else. Tom didn’t go through with the date, he ghosted the girl… and went to her bed. It’s depression.

Lionel discovers that the west zone brigade is withdrawing because the leader had an accident. Salomé looks at the regulations, with this abandonment, the girls have a chance to present themselves with a former chef who won the French Cup. They discover that among the chefs, there is Emmanuel Teyssier. Will he agree to train them?

Landiras ITC

Landiras gives in to pressure from Cardone

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