Diesel price reaches symbolic milestone in France in July

Fuel prices have been rising sharply recently. The indicators are not good for motorists. The price at the pump weighs more and more heavily. This is particularly felt this Monday, since diesel reaches an astonishing milestone.

Thus, the average price of diesel is more expensive on July 1 than on January 1 in France, according to data from Carbu.com. While it cost €1.747/L six months ago, it is now €1.75/L. This follows two consecutive weeks of price increases.

Thus, the average price of diesel in France has increased by almost four cents over the last two weeks, from 1.6738 €/L to 1.7133 €/L, according to data from the Ministry of Ecological Transition. A trend that follows many weeks of decline.

Weeks of falling fuel prices soon to be erased?

Indeed, the year 2024 was marked by a price increase until the beginning of April. Prices then stabilized for several weeks for gasoline, while those for diesel decreased almost directly.

This downward trend lasted eight weeks for diesel, as well as gasoline. It made it possible to reduce prices by almost 10 cents for these two energies. This before finally stopping during the month of June.

The fault, in particular, is the rise in oil prices. These rose by several dollars between the beginning and the middle of June. The increase in demand for fuels in Europe, linked to the start of the summer holidays, can also explain this.

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To sum up

The price of diesel has reached a symbolic milestone in France at the beginning of July 2024. This comes after two weeks of sharp increases, while prices at the pump have been falling significantly in recent months. A bad trend for motorists at the time of the summer holidays.




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