This hypermarket has just arrived in France and promises to slash prices

A new discount brand opens its first store in France. With low prices and a wholesale model, this newcomer intends to win over customers.

Low prices all year round, wholesale and products cheaper than all its competitors. This is the promise of this new hypermarket which has just arrived in France. Because even if the inflationary crisis is contained, prices on shelves remain particularly high, weighing on the purchasing power of some French people. A particularly strong trend in the food sector where consumers are looking for good deals to preserve their purchasing power. And if brands like Lidl or E.Leclerc have already won over a large customer base with attractive prices, a new challenger is arriving.

Already well established abroad, this warehouse store concept relies on unbeatable prices to attract buyers. Open to individuals and professionals, it offers a wide assortment of food and non-food products sold in large quantities and at low costs. Rest assured, there is no need to have a subscription or a card like for Metro stores.

Here, customers can wander over a large area in wide aisles and fill their cart with products sold individually or in bulk. The little extra? Being able to purchase in large quantities and benefit from decreasing prices depending on the number of products purchased. The more you consume, the cheaper it is. A model well suited to large families or restaurateurs. For example, L’Oréal Paris shampoo sold at 5.80 euros increases to 5.39 euros from three purchased. Beyond decreasing prices, the chain wants to be the cheapest in its catchment area, with prices up to 15% lower than those charged in hypermarkets.

To keep this commitment, this brand new brand relies on a well-established economic model. No promotions here, but low prices all year round obtained thanks to volumes. It employs a team of buyers who rely on the brands of its group, those present in its other brands and on their knowledge of the markets to find the best offers. The store, which does not only sell food, also plays the card of seasonal offers on non-food items. Real competition to the famous Action stores and the opportunity for households to stock up on school supplies at record prices for the start of the school year.

This new discount brand which is shaking up the French market is none other than Atacadao, a brand belonging to the Carrefour group. Originating in Brazil, this concept sounds like good news as a large part of the French population is hit hard by the purchasing power crisis. If some want to get a first idea of ​​this concept, a first store opened very recently in the Paris region in Aulnay-sous-Bois (Seine-Saint-Denis). A first test which, if customers like it, should soon extend to French territory. Enough to shake the historic discount players and relieve the wallets of the French.



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