a house destroyed in a fire

a house destroyed in a fire
a house destroyed in a fire

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This Friday at the end of the afternoon, the firefighters of Loisy and Tournus were called to a fire in an individual home in the town of L’Abergement-de-Cuisery. For reasons that the investigation will have to determine, the fire started on the ground floor before spreading into the attic of an old Bresse building.

Quickly on site, the fire fighters tried everything, in particular by removing part of the roof to prevent the spread of the flames. “In total, 60 m² burned on the ground floor and around 100 m² in the attic,” explained the emergency services.

The owner was not present on site

If the house is no longer habitable, no injuries have been reported. “I was coming home and from a distance I saw white smoke. I didn’t know if it was my house or the neighbor’s, unfortunately it was my house,” says the man who will be relocated to his sister’s house. “I still managed to save my identity papers, that’s something. »



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