Fire in a building in Fougères: “we missed a tragedy”

Fire in a building in Fougères: “we missed a tragedy”
Fire in a building in Fougères: “we missed a tragedy”


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June 22, 2024 at 12:07 p.m.

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A fire broke out on the night of Friday June 21 to Saturday June 22 in Fougères, in an apartment in a four-level building located at 42 avenue de la Verrerie.

THE firefighters, alerted by a passerby at 3:20 a.m., quickly intervened on the spot. When they arrived, the “violent fire” had pierced the roof of the‘building and several occupants reported themselves at the apartment windows.

The firefighters carried out rescues and to a secured people.

Thanks to the responsiveness and professionalism of the firefighters, we avoided a tragedy.

Captain Olivier Royer, commander of fire rescue operations

In the apartment affected by the flames, on the 3rd floor, a father and his child were unable to leave the accommodation because the fire was affecting the stairwell.

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The firefighters were unable to use the large scale due to the risk linked to an electrical line near the building.

A building on Avenue de la Verrerie in Fougères was hit by a major fire. ©Chronique Républicaine

Using hand ladders, ropes and harnesses, they rescued the two people from the 3rd floor by passing them at window level.

Six other people from the second floor as well as six occupants of theneighboring building located at 44 avenue de la Verrerie, were evacuated and brought to safety.

Two people from the building affected by the fire were slightly inconvenienced by the smoke and transported to the Fougères hospital center for a medical check-up.

Numerous means were used by the fifty-three firefighters to contain the fire, prevent the fire from spreading to the neighboring building, but also preserve some of the working tools of the hairdressing salon located on the ground floor. The premises were not affected by the flames but by runoff water from the fire hoses.

A building on Avenue de la Verrerie in Fougères was hit by a major fire. ©Chronique Républicaine

The origin of the fire has not been determined. An investigation has been opened. The fire destroyed the attic of the building, the 3rd floor apartment and the stairwell between the 2nd and 3rd floors.

The occupants of the first building were relocated with their families or by the municipality in a hotel in Fougères. All residents of 44 avenue de la Verrerie were able to return to their homes.

During the intervention, a diversion was put in place on the avenue and electricity was cut off to several residents along the entire street. Power was restored early this morning. The bakery located near the buildings had to close, as well as the hairdressing salon.

At the start of the morning, four fire engines were still on site to finalize the operation and ensure the safety of the neighborhood.

Because of the risk of the building’s chimneys collapsing, the City provided traffic signage and protection along the boulevard for residents and pedestrians. Allée des Sabotiers is closed to pedestrians and vehicles.

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