Serial illnesses, mysterious poisoning… What is happening in this village in the Marne?

Serial illnesses, mysterious poisoning… What is happening in this village in the Marne?
Serial illnesses, mysterious poisoning… What is happening in this village in the Marne?

” We must find a solution ! We can’t stay like this. » Gérard Gorisse, mayor of Fère-Champenoise, doesn’t understand anything about it. And the situation is starting to seriously annoy him. Like all its administrators. This Thursday, June 20, nine children aged 5 to 6 years old and three adults (municipal after-school agents) were taken ill in the morning near the municipality’s gymnasium, reports the Union of Reims.

Itching, headaches, abdominal pain and nausea… They present the same symptoms as those that around thirty students and three adults felt in this town of just over 2,000 inhabitants, between May 30 and 4 June. This time, for the first time, kindergarteners are among the children affected.

The discomfort was felt at the community association center, where students are welcomed after school, “on returning from a one-hour outing to the nearby playground”, said the prefecture. Previous times, the symptoms were observed while the children were on their way to the canteen.

Several hypotheses already ruled out

On Thursday, eight children were transported to the pediatric department of Châlons-en-Champagne hospital. Some were on oxygen. They were all able to return home in the evening. Like the previously poisoned children, they had high levels of carbon monoxide (CO) in their blood. This gas was, however, ruled out as the cause of the symptoms during the first analyses.

So what is the origin of these discomforts? Analyzes carried out by state services made it possible to rule out several hypotheses: food poisoning, contamination of the water fountain, the presence of chemicals, the presence of irritating natural sources, human or agricultural activities and hence carbon monoxide poisoning. Once mentioned, acetylene is not the cause of children’s discomfort either.

“The first results made it possible to evaluate and remove the risks associated with the presence of nearly 80 substances” in the outside air, and to ensure that the air inside primary and nursery schools was “compliant with current standards”, added the prefecture.

The mayor asks to analyze the groundwater

HAS the Union of Reimsthe mayor of Fère-Champenoise confides his little idea, that of a hydraulic problem: “At 5 a.m. last night, there was heavy rain again. Already on the first day of the poisonings, Thursday May 30, there was rain, rain and rain. » He asked the prefecture on Thursday evening to analyze the groundwater.

In the meantime, the municipality has installed three canisters in the municipality, the results of which will be “available Saturday”, announces the prefecture. They allow the gas to be absorbed so that it can then be analyzed. Everyone in the village hopes that they will provide the key to the enigma. “Everyone talks about it, is more or less afraid and gives their opinion, their solution,” confess to RMC the manager of a café. A mother of a CM1 student whispers: “I know there are plenty of children who are not going to return to school. If my son had been hit, I would not have put him back in school. »



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