In which store is the cheapest organic?

In which store is the cheapest organic?
In which store is the cheapest organic?

The UFC-Que Choisir unveiled, Saturday May 25, 2024, a study on the price of products from organic farming in supermarkets. To do this, the consumer defense association carried out, in the fall of 2023, 1,300 visits to the stores of the nine main brands in France.

And the UFC-Que Choisir concluded that in terms of organic food, “not all brands are equal”.

Lidl cheaper

To carry out this study, UFC-Que Choisir established an average basket of 17 organic products, containing both fruits and vegetables and processed private label products.

Thus, the price of the average basket varies greatly. It is €88 at Lidl and rises to €116 in Monoprix stores. Casino is the second most expensive brand, with an average basket of €106. Five brands display a similar price: Auchan, Carrefour and U at €99, Aldi and Intermarché at €98. Finally E.Leclerc displays a price of €91.

Monoprix, champion of additional costs

Beyond the raw prices, UFC-Que Choisir also compared the prices of these organic products with their conventional equivalents to establish the additional cost of this type of product in each brand.

Once again, Monoprix appears to be the bad student since organic costs almost twice as much (+86%) as conventional. This additional cost is 78% at Casino and 73% at Intermarché. The Lidl (+59%), Carrefour (+63%), E.Leclerc and Auchan (+64%) stores charge the lowest additional costs.

Larger margins

This study recalls that three-quarters of French people “say they are limited in their consumption of organic products by the excessively high price of labeled products.” However, a previous study notes that this additional cost is not only due to the higher cost of production in organic farming.

Indeed, if producing organic costs more, brands also considerably increase their gross margins on these products. These are “on average, 75% higher than conventional. » To the detriment of the consumer.



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