Sasa Obradovic angry against Frédéric Fauthoux: “To come and tell one of my players that we pay the referees, it’s shameful!”

Between a EuroLeague final with Panathinaikos and a playoff match in Bourg-en-Bresse, it is perhaps not in Ain that Mehdi Difallah expected to leave the field in the most tumultuous context. But the last minutes of the meeting between JL Bourg and AS Monaco (81-85) were marked by repetitive chants coming from the Burgian public: “Monaco protected!” » Or “Corrupt referees!” »a choice.

The fruit, in particular, of a frustrating second quarter for Jeunesse Laïque who saw their cushion of 17 points (35-18, 14th minute) squandered in two minutes flat on a 13-0 (35-31, 16th minute), with a certain arbitration bias according to the Bressan camp. While the JL was in the penalty box since the middle of the quarter, the first Monegasque foul did not occur until the eighth minute. That is 10 free throws for ASM over the period, compared to only 2 for Bourg-en-Bresse. Enough to upset Frédéric Fauthoux, the Aindinois coach, when returning to the locker room at half-time (40-39). “You pay for the referees too? »he would have asked Matthew Strazel, encountered during his time in Villeurbanne (2020/22).

“How disrespectful is that?!” »

Present in this Match 3, Thomas Bissuel had already sent off Frédéric Fauthoux during Match 1 (photo: Sébastien Grasset)

A sentence which did not please Sasa Obradovic at all who, after his preliminary remarks at a press conference, launched a broad criticism of his colleague’s behavior on his own. “I have to point out something that really irritates me. After our defeat on Saturday, I did not complain about the dozen refereeing errors throughout the match. I said nothing. The supporters ? They are there to set the mood, it’s nothing unusual. But I find it very incorrect, with regard to us, to complain that we are given everything. We see the opposing coach commenting on each refereeing decision, it’s not correct but we can do it: putting pressure is part of the job, I do it myself. But don’t go telling one of my players that we pay referees! It is shameful ! We must respect the game, the season: we must not underestimate the extent to which our team fought like crazy to regain the advantage. Sorry but you’ll have to shake my hand tomorrow after that… The opposing coach knows very well what he said. It’s unfair, really unfair! Saying that we pay referees, what kind of story is that? How disrespectful is that?! »


All restraint on the arbitral subject during his appearance in front of the microphones (“We need to be able to resist contact better: when we put our hands on our hips, arms, pelvis…” ; “We may be giving them a few too many free throws: 28 to 15 is a lot, we have to balance that.” ; “I think we played very well but it’s not enough and it’s annoying”), Frédéric Fauthoux initially pretended to deny it. “I don’t know where he heard that.”he first declared. “It doesn’t inspire me much. Sasa is master of his words, there is no problem. » Before coming back to it two minutes later, when another question was asked… “I’m a little disappointed with the comments made about me but perhaps we didn’t all see the second quarter. »

In Bourg-en-Bresse,



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