What happened to them? These smartphone brands gone from legends to oblivion…

What happened to them? These smartphone brands gone from legends to oblivion…
What happened to them? These smartphone brands gone from legends to oblivion…

BlackBerry and its famous Azerty!

No doubt, if there is one emblem of this bygone era, it is BlackBerry and its keyboard smartphones which were extremely popular in the high school playground and which fans of beautiful devices absolutely wanted to own.

A good example is the BlackBerry 9720, a device running its own operating system before the advent of Android and IOS; compatible with 3G and having 512 MB of RAM in addition to its 2.8 inch screen! This may make you smile today, but at the time, with the emergence of social networks, it was a must.

Today, BlackBerry still exists! Yes, the only downside is that the last smartphone designed in-house was the KeyOne in 2017. Today, the brand has been reconverted in cybersecurity and encryption services.

Sony Ericsson and its smartphones designed for multimedia!

Sony Ericsson was also one of the pillars of the time, notably offering high-end smartphones that were very powerful for the time and with a strong appetite for multimedia! We particularly remember the W995 about which we wrote on the pages of Les Mobiles:

Second 8 megapixel camera in the Sony Ericsson range, the Sony Ericsson W995 also has a video player of exceptional quality which will allow you to watch TV series, television news, films or even consult the latest YouTube videos on Turbo 3G or Wi-Fi. »

Knowing that we are talking about a smartphone from 2009 and given the presence of what was still called an integrated walkman player, it is impossible not to sink into nostalgia.

Today the brand is called Sony Mobile and offers us Sony Xperia, such as the excellent Sony Xperia 1V ! Yes, unlike BlackBerry, Sony hasn’t given up for this sector, despite a huge loss of speed.

Last but not least, Nokia completes this nostalgic trinity of the button-based smartphone era

Nokia is our last witness to a time when it was not yet easy to surf the Internet quickly and when listening to music required having CDs. The Nokia 95 is a perfect representative of its manufacturer with its double slide allowing you to hide a keyboard behind its screen. We will also remember his camera about which we write in our lines:

Thanks to the Carl Zeiss optics of the 5-megapixel camera, you can take print-ready photos and record DVD-quality video clips. Then view your photos and videos on a compatible TV with dedicated TV output and Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) support. »

Nokia was acquired in 2016 by HMD Global and proposed in particular the Nokia XR21 in 2023. But, HMD would like to eliminate the brand Nokia for the benefit of its own name. It must be admitted that it has been a long time since Nokia has been at the top of the shelves.



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