[VIDÉO] “Get Me Out of Here!”: Who won the Campers’ Favorite award?

Seven campers stood out during the Gold Star Gala presented during the grand finale of the second season of Get me out of here!Sunday night.

Dave Morissette won two distinctions, namely the Coup de cœur and best leader awards.

Dave Morissette was always there to encourage others to surpass themselves in the Panamanian jungle.


“To unite everyone, that’s what’s important to me, that everyone feels good,” said Dave, who was described as a “positive and unifying leader” by the two other finalists, Clodine Desrochers and Rosalie Vaillancourt.

Dave had no words when receiving the Coup de coeur award.

It was of course the campers who voted during the Gold Star Gala.

Here are the other winners:

  • Sébastien Toutantwho was the first to leave the adventure this season, got his hands on the most competitive prize
  • Clodine Desrocherswho was the first camp leader in the history of Get me out of here!, was voted the most thoughtful. “It wasn’t difficult being with you because everyone was so engaging,” she said of accepting the honor.

Rosalie Vaillancourt and Clodine Desrochers respectively won the prize for funniest and most thoughtful of the camp.


  • Philippe Laprise was crowned the most energetic.
  • Alex Perron won the most helpful prize.
  • Rosalie Vaillancourt was crowned funniest. “I admit that I voted for myself, as I do in [Gala les] Olivier every year, but usually it doesn’t work, she admitted in the confessional. In front of the two other finalists, she mentioned: “I didn’t win an Olivier, but in the jungle, I’m the funniest. Do you understand, Alex Barrette!?
  • Finally, Audrey Roger deserved the prize for the most courageous of the camp.

All episodes of “Get Me Out of Here!” are broadcast on TVA+.



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