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Black day in the construction industry, unions ready to toughen up their tone

Black day in the construction industry, unions ready to toughen up their tone
Black day in the construction industry, unions ready to toughen up their tone

Three months later, the construction sector is still under construction and awaiting visibility. Last February, the cement had already cracked at the time of the obligatory annual negotiations (NAO). Heated and painful talks were held around salaries in particular, the subject which crystallizes the sector: an increase of 0.5 to 1.6% announced by the FRBTP (Réunion Federation of BTP) against the 5.5% requested by trade unions, “to face inflation and the crisis in the sector“Several new demands had been clearly expressed, namely the establishment of start-up advances of 30% for all public contracts and a better “visibility into the future“, with a more substantial Single Budget Line (LBU). A Conciliation Commission between trade union organizations and employers had even been set up to finally set new deadlines. Everyone remained unsatisfied. Few things happened. moved, the tone is therefore raised. The difference is this time that all the players in the construction industry, trade unions and employers, are united to avoid the “planned death” of the sector.

Yesterday, to everyone’s surprise, the inter-union activated a new lever of protest. CGTR, FO and CFDTR have set up a filter barrier at the roundabout giving access to the entrance to the NRL in Saint-Denis, incidentally causing significant traffic jams. A “potentially unlimited blocking“, the demonstrators announced before a delegation was received at the prefecture, notably by the Secretary General for Regional Affairs. “We are going through a deep crisis. Something must be done to urgently revive activity. The situation is serious with work being blocked, unsuccessful projects, offers to be put back on the table, notably alerted Johnny Lagarrigue of the CFDT. “We are in agony. Companies are closing, there are hundreds of layoffs and above all no visibilityadded Maximin Hoarau of CGTR BTP. We have not been heard, there is nothing concrete and nothing has come off the table.“The inter-union demands in particular the unblocking of stopped construction sites, before denouncing”the broken promises of decision-makers”.

New “black day” this Thursday

We share the unions’ concerns about jobs and we remain in solidarity with themfor his part declared Jimmy Amédée, president of the FRBTP social commission after the meeting at the prefecture. We too have been warning about the situation for almost two years. We have had many unsuccessful calls for tenders and we have also suffered from an increase in materials, a direct consequence of the difficulties of recent years.“Circumstantial elements which therefore place the sector in the concrete mixer. Also note this crisis”unprecedented” has a considerable impact on future infrastructure, so even the public policies of certain municipalities are working to increase the number of housing units to respond to the positive migratory balance in certain neighborhoods, in the name of hyper-proximity and social diversity.

In the middle of the day, the inter-union announced that, “tomorrow (Today) would be another dark day for the construction industry“, with towing operations in particular. In other words, business leaders and employees intend to continue their actions before the prefecture. A meeting with the Region, the Department, the mayors of the island and all the “order givers” is expected in the afternoon today.

Lény-Huayna Tible
[email protected]

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