“To see her like that…”: Vincent Cassel moved to tears by Émilie Dequenne in CA Vous (VIDEO)

The team of “C to you” is currently present at the Cannes Film Festival, and journalists are closely following what is happening there. Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine’s team, for example, had the opportunity to receive Jane Fonda as well as the actress Émilie Dequenne The latter took advantage of her time on the France 5 set to look back on her journey, but also on her cancer and the shock announcement of it to her family.

Émilie Dequenne’s beautiful declaration to David Cronenberg

The actor Vincent Cassel was the new guest of “C to you“this Tuesday, May 21 to promote the feature film”The Shrouds” by David Cronenberg, which will be in theaters on September 25.

The team wanted to show him a tape in which the actress Émilie Dequenne was awarded the Palme d’Or in 1999 by the director of “Fly“for his performance in the film”Rosette” by the Dardenne brothers.

The Palm, I remember it, but it is above all my name pronounced by David Cronenberg, which is engraved in my ears, I hear it ‘Émilie Dequenne’. I dream of meeting David Cronenberg again, really, there is something that links us, well, at least for me. Maybe he doesn’t realize it. He changed my life, he made my life and I admit, I have this little secret hope. We absolutely have to tour together ‘it’s not possible’” she expressed in a video for the France 5 show, CA You.

Vincent Cassel moved by the actress

Vincent Cassel was particularly moved when viewing these images. “I know Émilie, I knew her a little after she received this Palme. She’s a delicious actress to work with and to see her like that, it makes me happy, it touches me” he expressed, his throat tight with emotion.

Remember that the two actors filmed together in the feature film The Pact of the Wolvesby Christophe Gans in 2001.



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