To take over a business, reconcile personal and professional strategy

To take over a business, reconcile personal and professional strategy
To take over a business, reconcile personal and professional strategy

Business takeover is a marathon, even an Iron Man, because you will have to combine a high level of performance across several distinct disciplines. Before finding himself in the chair of the new leader, the road is strewn with pitfalls. So it’s better to know what to expect and define a solid roadmap.

> Accept the upheaval

Restructuring, disagreement with your N+1, contractual termination, dismissal, resignation, lack of meaning, etc.: whatever the reason or the method, the break from your former professional life is already an ordeal in itself, even if the desire to “take over a company” has been tormenting you more or less for a while.

Three shocks must be overcome. The first is loss of status. Finished, the beautiful business card with the logo, the name of the company and above all your “which was amazing” function. You are no longer “Business manager Europe”, “Business unit director”, or “Project manager”, or even “Production director”, but Mr. Dupont, period.

The second shock will arrive after a few months, because at the beginning, everyone finds your project very interesting and even exciting: “Do you want to take over a business? But it’s great! “. On the other hand, facing the doubt that arises in the eyes and words of others can prove complicated. Indeed, nine months later, when the wall of the end of unemployment benefits approaches while you thought you had plenty of time, and what’s more, for the second time, the transferor, with whom you thought that everything was had gone well, ends the negotiations, and your close friends begin to doubt, it gets complicated: “ Ah good ? This one also said no? But are you sure that taking over a business is a good idea for you? “. At these times, it is better to have a strong psyche and to have worked well on optimism!

The third shock is loneliness. No one left to put pressure on you to move your project forward. No more boss, no more steering committee, no more projects to complete, no more clients. Nothing. You are alone at home. Alone to motivate yourself, to organize yourself in order to continue moving forward despite the inevitable phases of discouragement. Of course, you will choose advice to support you, but the impetus must be you.

> Define your personal strategy

Before embarking on the adventure of taking over a business, it is better to be clear with your objectives. What are your motivations ? Independence? Money? The need to prove to yourself that you can succeed on your own? The desire to undertake? Find a profitable way to pursue your passion? All motivations are good, except the one which consists of embarking on business takeover by default.

Maybe you have an idea to start a business but are afraid of starting from scratch? Taking over an existing business that can “carry” your more personal project can be an excellent strategy.

> Build your professional strategy

Contrary to popular belief, returning to a sector of activity that you know is not at all obligatory. The qualities of developer, entrepreneur, leadership, manager, manager can prove to be largely preponderant.

Above all, when intermediaries present you with “files”, the only question to ask yourself will be “What added value can I, personally, bring to this company?” » What quality, what know-how, what development will you be able to initiate? And alone, not supported by large budgets or a team of brilliant winners, alone! Because when you take over a business, you go into debt. As a result, you have no alternative but to do better than the transferor.

When your personal strategy coincides with your professional strategy, then you will have found the company that suits you, and you will have every chance of convincing the transferor to pass the torch to you!

* from Editions Dunod



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