Slimane speaks to BFMTV before the Eurovision 2024 final

Slimane speaks to BFMTV before the Eurovision 2024 final
Slimane speaks to BFMTV before the Eurovision 2024 final

The artist, who will represent France on Saturday evening in Malmö, “tried to make a song that resembles (him).” He says he is “looking forward” to his performance in front of Europe.

A long wait. Two days before the highly anticipated Eurovision final which this year is to be held in Malmö, Sweden, this Saturday May 11, Slimane, the French representative for the European song contest, spoke to

The artist initially expressed his impatience. “I’m actually looking forward to it. I’m a bit like a runner in the starting peloton, who wants to go, who’s waiting for the ‘go’,” he explains.

“I wanted to show who I was”

The singer also revealed his inspirations for his title My love. “I believe that in life, we have no regrets when we do things with the heart, and for me, it was too important, I didn’t want to make a song in ‘I’m going to watch all the songs that won, I’m going to try to make a song that resembles me,'” he says.

“I would have been sad. I tried to be me and I think I want to be loved for what I am as an artist. I wanted to show who I was, I had to “that it’s a song that resembles me”, he further specifies.

As for a potential victory on Saturday, Slimane promises, he wants above all to be “proud of his performance. “I am aiming for the place of pride, I want to be proud of myself, of my team, of what will remain, of the video that I’m going to show my daughter when she grows up,” he finishes.

Confirmed artist and “in the hearts of the French”

Well established in the French musical landscape, Slimane can boast of prominent titles: more than 40 million plays for “Des thousands de je t’aime”, one of his hits, on Spotify, market leader in music streaming.

During the time of his duo with the singer Vitaa, who also now plays solo, he even topped the album sales ranking in France in 2020 with their opus “Versus”. Their title “It’s going to come” allowed them to win a Victoire de la Musique that year in the original song category.

Slimane began to make a name for himself in France by winning the talent show The Voice on TF1 in 2016. France is therefore relying on an artist “already in the hearts of the French and at the heart of a great career”, as indicated to a handful of journalists, including AFP, Alexandra Redde-Amiel, head of the French delegation, also director of entertainment and games at France Télévisions.



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