Laeticia Hallyday called the 1st lady after the death of her husband?

Laeticia Hallyday called the 1st lady after the death of her husband?
Laeticia Hallyday called the 1st lady after the death of her husband?

In TPMP, the author of the book “The Last Days of Johnny” revealed that Laeticia Hallyday called the 1st lady after the death of her husband!

A new book on Johnny Hallyday has been published. Journalist Anne-Sophie Jahn has released a new book “The Last Days of Johnny”. According to his writings, Laeticia Hallyday would have called Brigitte Macron after the death of her husband.

Revelations about Laeticia Hallyday’s husband

It has been several years since Johnny Hallyday lost his life. And the least we can say is that his disappearance leaves a real void in the life of Laeticia Hallyday and their daughters, Jade and Joy.

If the latter very often speak about the rocker, the journalist Anne-Sophie Jahn has also made confidences about his last days of life. She was also a guest on Touche pas à mon poste at the start of the week.

This Tuesday, May 7, the author of the book “The Last Days of Johnny” confided about the artist, but also about his love story with Laeticia Hallyday. The journalist also balanced on unhealthy jealousy which the latter had to face.

In Touche pas à mon poste, Anne-Sophie Jahn revealed: “He did what he wanted, he had intimate relationships with whoever he wanted, but when his wife disappeared for two hours, it drove him crazy”.

Before also adding: “He became extremely jealous and possessive”. The journalist also explained: “That’s when he realized that he cared a lot about her”.

The young woman also made revelations about the last moments of the husband’s life by Laeticia Hallyday. She indicated: “Until the last minute, almost until the last moment, he didn’t believe it”.

“The Macrons were quite close to the couple”

She also clarified in Touche pas à mon poste: “Ten days before his death, his manager told me that he was in his office for the next tour. He had precise ideas”.

Anne-Sophie Jahn continued: “He wanted to commission songs. He was in total denial. And maybe it was this denial that did it last fifteen months instead of three . But that’s not all.

Still on the TPMP set, she spoke about the last words of Laeticia Hallyday’s husband. She indicated: “At the last second, he held out the cross he still has around his neck with a crucified Jimi Hendrix”.

And to report: “He turned to Karl, his driver, saying ‘take care of my wife and my children’”. Anne-Sophie Jahn also specified that Laeticia Hallyday had also contacted Brigitte Macron.

A few minutes after the death of the rocker, Jade and Joy’s mother decided to call the wife of the President of the Republic. The journalist also assured: “The Macrons were quite close to the couple”.

Before concluding : “And she responded immediately”. Laeticia Hallyday was therefore able to count on the support of Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron following the disappearance of her husband.

One thing is certain, it was a very difficult period for the mother. Fortunately, she has could count on the support of many people.

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