The Apple Event is Livestream – time from 16 hours!

iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and more

Überraschend hat Apple ein Event im Mai angekündigt. Erwartet werden new iPads samt Zubehör. Yesterday gibt’s das Apple Event im Livestream. Achtung: It’s hard to come by!

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Apple released the iPad-Event on May 7, 2024 in Livestream.
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Now you can see Apple’s new iPads on the big ones using their new iPads. Presentation is extended to the announcement of Apple Events in May – we will be talking about the WWDC conference, which will be found in June. Hat Apple doch big vor?

The Apple Event is a Live-Ticker verfolgen

Welche spannenden Neuerungen Apple auf Lager hat, erfahren wir schon am Nachmittag. The Apple Event am 7. May will be live soon. The Livestream can be found yesterday at the end of the published articles.

Want to start the Apple Event?

The Keynote of Apple starts in Dienstag, 7. May 2024, um 7 Uhr Ortszeit in Cupertino, wo Apple seinen Hauptsitz hat. The latest German news is dated 16 hours. Dies ist ungewöhnlich früh für an Apple Event. I will start this in the morning after the German Zeit.

Was Apple your star?

Beim Apple-Event im Mai stehen neue iPads sowie pasendes Zubehör auf dem Programm. Comes with a new iPad-Pro model in 11 and 12.9 hours. If only the OLED-Displays are replaced, they will be replaced. You can also use new iPad Air models – some of them are also new models in two sizes.

Ebenso wird a new Apple Pencil erwartet, der Fingerdruck erkennen soll und somit neue Steuerungsmöglichkeiten bietet. This is a new version of the Magic Keyboard. In the meantime, Apple has put the iPad Pro on the new M4-Chip now. Therefore, you should not forget to use iOS 18. iPadOS 18 has already been updated.

Who can you find out about Livestream?

The Livestream for the Apple Event is on the Apple Website published. Add the TV-App to iPhones and iPads to Apple TV and YouTube to Keynote.

Apple Event 2024 im Stream

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Yesterday we saw the Apple-Event in May 2024 live on Apple in Stream.

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