Is the TF1 series inspired by a true story?

On this Thursday, May 2, 2024, TF1 kicks off its event mini-series Attraction. A thriller created by Barbara Abel and Sophia Perié, and starring Lannick Gautry and Laura Sépul in the main roles. But then, is it inspired by a true story? All the details on Seriously.

After Miss Holmes, TF1 launches this Thursday May 2, 2024 a brand new series called Attraction. Directed by Indra Siera, this Belgian creation features Laura Sépul as Agathe, who likes to describe herself as a mother “like any other”. She lives in a charming house, with a talented husband and healthy children. However, after fifteen years of union, the varnish of this pretty postcard begins to crack…

The day a murder is committed in the hotel where her husband was staying for work, an unbearable suspicion sets in. Is the man she shares her life with a murderer? Has she not been trapped in an abusive and toxic relationship for years? What does she really know about Fred (Lannick Gautry) ? With the emergence of doubt, Agathe plunges into obsession and the family unit becomes the arena of a high-tension criminal investigation.

Attractiona thriller based on an idea by Catherine Burniaux

© TF1

At the origin of this psychological thriller, we find the screenwriter Sophia Perié and the novelist Barbara Abelbut also the producer Catherine Burniaux. It was also the latter who had the idea of ​​the pitchAttraction. Because, contrary to what one might think, this mini-series is purely fictional and not taken from reality.

“Our producer Catherine Burniaux has a husband who travels a lot. He always sleeps in hotels of the same chain. When they call each other by video, it’s always the same setting behind him. One day she said to herself, ‘He could be anywhere and do anything, I wouldn’t know anything about it.’ She pitched this idea to me and I wrote a concept that we proposed to RTBF who accepted the file. When it was accepted, I panicked because I wasn’t expecting it at all and above all, I didn’t know how to write a screenplay! I am a novelist. This is where Sophia comes in…” Barbara Abel told the Belgian television channel.

” Eventually we worked together, hand in hand, and it was a very nice professional and personal meeting. The three of us lived this adventure for several years and it was a great collaboration. And then, Gilles de Voghel and Julien Gras-Payen joined the project” adds Sophia Perié.

“There’s nothing creepier than a guy who calmly says he’s going to kill you.” Lannick Gautry (Fred)

© TF1

For his part, the actor Lannick Gautry remembers immediately agreeing to take part has “this magnificent project”. Asked by Seriouslythe one who lends his features to Fred in Attraction entrusts : “What interested me, because we can all ask ourselves the question of what our spouse does when we are not with them, is what they do when they are not with their family . And the way he experiences it. There, as it is written, we quickly know what he is used to doing, so what became interesting in the scenario in my eyes was above all ‘how Agathe will manage to get out of the clutches of this crazy person’ ».

To slip into Fred’s shoes, Lannick Gautry had to do in-depth research on serial killersas he explains to us: “Most of the time, what was interesting to see was the journalists’ interviews when the neighbors discovered that their own neighbor was a serial killer. And, something that struck me, or at least that I noticed, is that nine times out of ten, they have this phrase, ‘We would never have thought it was him.’ And suddenly, if we rely on that, he has to be undetectable, so there was no question of playing a killer after all ».

“He’s a killer because he kills, but it doesn’t show on his face. And what’s more, it was risky! So quickly we know who he is and what he has done, if we start playing the bad guy, we are quickly in the red. It is rather the work of Laura (Sépul) which makes this guy really worrying, it is in his eyes that we can measure the fear that this guy can arouse, because in the end we are not afraid for what he is, we are especially afraid for what he is capable of doing to him. That’s what’s scary about this guy. There’s no point in shouting, playing the bad guy. There’s nothing creepier than a guy who says he’s going to calmly kill you.” continues Lannick Gautry.

Find the series Attractionfrom this Thursday, May 2, 2024 from 9:10 p.m., on TF1.



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