These diving watches are the must-haves for this summer

In 2024, watchmaking plunges into the heart of the oceans, offering waterproof timepieces with advanced technical characteristics and impeccable design.

Passionate about nautical watches will find their happiness among the innovative models which combine elegance and robustness, ready to face the depths while being perfectly adapted to everyday life. Here is a selection of must-have waterproof watches for this yearwhich will appeal to lovers of adventure and style.

Montblanc Iced Sea 0 Oxygen Deep 4810: a timepiece for adventurers of the abyss

The Montblanc Iced Sea 0 Oxygen Deep 4810 stands out for its exceptional tightness up to 4810 meters. Designed for the most daring divers, this watch is equipped with a 43 mm titanium case, combined with a manufacture caliber 29.29, COSC certified. It offers a 5-day power reserve, guaranteeing impressive autonomy for prolonged underwater explorations. This timepiece, at the price of 8 900 €, also knows how to shine on the surface with its sophisticated design.

Main Features :

  • Housing: 43mm titanium
  • Calibre : Manufacture 29.29 COSC certified
  • Power Reserve: 5 days
  • Waterproofing: 4810 meters

Zenith DEFY Extreme Diver: the ally of extreme diving

The DEFY Extreme Diver de Zenith is a tribute to professional diving watches. Featuring a 42.5mm titanium case, this watch is built to withstand the most extreme conditions, providing water resistance up to 600 meters. Its dial features a unique geometric pattern and luminous hands, ensuring perfect readability underwater. Its legendary El Primero movement guarantees a power reserve of 60 hours. This watch is available for 11 800 €.

Main Features :

  • Housing: 42.5mm titanium
  • Calibre : First
  • Power Reserve: 60 hours
  • Waterproofing: 600 meters

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Automatic: an icon of nautical watchmaking

Blancpain reinvents the iconic Fifty Fathoms with an automatic waterproof version up to 300 meters. This model features a 42.3mm satin-finished titanium case and a caliber 1315 automatic movement, offering a generous 120-hour power reserve. With its classic design and remarkable performance, the Fifty Fathoms has established itself as a must-have for lovers of diving watches, offered at 18 150 €.

Main Features :

  • Housing: 42.3mm satin titanium
  • Calibre : 1315
  • Power Reserve: 120 hours
  • Waterproofing: 300 meters

Tudor Black Bay: a redesigned design for modern diving

The new Black Bay by Tudor seduced by its monochrome look and its certification Master Chronometer par Metas. With a 41 mm case, waterproof 200 meters, and a sunburst satin black dial, this model incorporates a Manufacture MT5602-U caliber. Its modern aesthetic and “T-fit” clasp make it an ideal choice for those looking for a diving watch that is both high-performance and stylish, for a price of 4 620 €.

Main Features :

  • Housing: 41 mm
  • Calibre : MT5602-U
  • Power Reserve: N/D
  • Waterproofing: 200 meters

In 2024, major watch manufacturers continue to innovate in terms of waterproof watchesoffering models adapted to explorers of the depths as for lovers of nautical style. In any case, no matter which category you are in, this selection of waterproof watches promises to meet all your expectations.



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