Agathois better informed thanks to a mobile application

Agathois better informed thanks to a mobile application
Agathois better informed thanks to a mobile application

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Published on May 24, 2024 by Médialo

It will be even easier for Agathois to obtain information regarding municipal services and activities thanks to the arrival of a brand new municipal alert portal, a 100% free alert system.

Agathois will now be able to obtain information more easily on important events taking place in their city thanks to an application. Photo Médialo-Martin Dumont

The INFO VSADM application is a mobile application available for free on the Apple App Store and on Google Play. It allows citizens who register to receive municipal alerts via various channels such as telephone, text messages, emails or notifications directly on the application.

INFO VSADM not only allows you to receive notifications in the event of alerts and work, but also to be able to quickly follow what is happening in the City for, among other things: changes to residual materials collections; registrations for leisure activities and day camp; registrations for annual collections; information not to be missed regarding snow removal operations; the opening and closing of beaches.

A logical sequence

Citizen alerts are the logical continuation of the new mechanisms that the City has committed to putting in place in September 2022, when its 24/7 call-taking service will be implemented.

While 311 has contributed to making the City more accessible, the citizen alert service will allow it to increase its communication reach with its citizens, but also with Agathois businesses and owners of vacation homes.

“This achievement represents a significant step toward our commitment to the safety and well-being of our citizens, and it demonstrates our determination to modernize our practices to better meet the needs of our city. I am convinced that this system will strengthen our ability to communicate effectively with our citizens, particularly in the event of an emergency or critical situation,” underlined the mayor of Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, Frédéric Broué.

How to receive alerts?

Once registered with the INFO VSADM mobile application via the creation of an account, users will be able to personalize their preferences by selecting the types of alerts they wish to receive and the means of communication they prefer.

These alerts are personalized according to user preferences and are geolocated, ensuring that subscribers receive information that is relevant to them or their industry.

Citizens who do not have a smartphone and are unable to download the mobile application can still register online at in order to receive municipal alerts by phone calls, text messages and/or emails.

Furthermore, the City invites all its citizens to consult its frequently asked questions available on its website for more information on the new services offered.

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