Your copy/paste will never be the same again with this tool

Your copy/paste will never be the same again with this tool
Your copy/paste will never be the same again with this tool

Microsoft has updated its PowerToys with a very welcome new feature: the addition of AI via GPT.

Copy/paste it on Windows // Source: Claire Braikeh – Frandroid

Copy/paste is certainly the most famous keyboard shortcut in the world. The most advanced even know CTRL+SHIFT+V to paste in plain text or Windows+V to access the clipboard. But now there’s even better!

“Advanced” gluing

On May 21, Microsoft released a new version of its PowerToys. For those who are not familiar with this software, it is an incredible toolbox full of extremely practical options. We cannot recommend enough to take a look.

But let’s come back to this version 0.81 and its new features, or rather one of its new features: advanced pasting. This creates a new keyboard shortcut (customizable, as always): WINDOWS+SHIFT+V. With this key combination, you open a menu with four possibilities:

  • Paste as plain text, an unattractive option since there already exists a native shortcut for this;
  • Paste in Markdown, to adapt the text formatting to a universally recognized format;
  • Paste in JSON, which will appeal to developers.

The fourth option is the one that interests us here, although it cannot be associated with a direct shortcut: “ collage with AI “.

The integration of ChatGPT into the system

In the WINDOWS+SHIFT+V menu there is a dialog box. If you have an OpenAI API key, which requires a paid ChatGPT Plus account, then you can ask ChatGPT to make a change to your text. With this generative artificial intelligence, the possibilities become very numerous and make it possible to easily reformulate text in any application.

Even in his tools open Source, Microsoft therefore shows its attraction to generative AI and does not hesitate to integrate the model of its partner of choice. Perhaps this will one day end up being integrated natively into Windows as a Copilot option on Copilot+ PCs.



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